“Femme Fatale” the month of October.

When we harness the power of Pluto, with the cool poise of Libra, we can gracefully reach our goals and set healthy boundaries to those who mainly only have their own interests in sight.

The love revolution! Full moon in Aquarius 18th August

This full moon in Aquarius is on the edge of an eclipse as well as taking part in a rare Yod or “Finger of God” constellation.

It is the beginning of an eclipse cycle that is ushering us into a new and transformative life-changing phase at immense speed, taking us to our next evolutionary level by the end of September 2016.

The Royal finger of God,5th Aug, weekend energy update.

The Royal finger of God. The Sun in Leo forms a royal and powerful “finger of God” aspect. We have a powerful yod or”finger of God” bringing us into the weekend, between Pluto, Neptune and the Sun in Leo, with the Sun in Leo at the apex. The Yod is amping up, the positive effects…

Life begins to flow! Mercury turns direct 22nd May.

Life begins to flow! Mercury the planet of communication and logical thinking stations to go direct on the 22nd May. The second of 5 planets in retrograde to turn direct after  Jupiter turned direct May 9th.   Mercury has been retrograde  since 28th April, turning the energy inwards, seemingly slowing life down with our plans not…