We are in the midst of the strongest and the softest energies today March 1st. Your sensitivity and compassion are your strengths.



We are in the midst of the strongest and the softest energies today March 1st.
Your sensitivity and compassion are your strengths.

We are still under the influence of Sunday’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces and in many respects today and tomorrow could result in a culmination of the Eclipse energies as the Sun in Pisces conjoins Neptune and the Moon in Aries joins the tense T-square between Uranus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto.
Especially as Jupiter in Libra will also exactly oppose Uranus tomorrow the 2nd March stirring up revolutionary energy and pushing for big changes.

If you have been wanting to make a breakthrough, today’s energies will help you to do just that.

Issues in our relationships may surface now as the Moon also meets up with Venus which is about to turn retrograde for the first time in 18 months on the 4th of March.

With all the “Love planets” conjoined in the same sign of Aries, the Moon, Venus and Mars makes for a dynamic, romantic and erotic input in Love. But unpredictability and surprises are also possible as the Moon in Aries meets up with Uranus in Aries too.

With four planets in the fire sign of action oriented Aries, all supported by long term success from Saturn, as well as the Sun conjunct Neptune and Mercury all in Pisces, our passion, creativity, intuition and inspiration are at an all time high.
Our charisma and powers to inspire, convince and win over others with our ideas, plans and creative talent are immense. You are on a winning streak.
Now’s the time to envision our heart’s desire and become proactive by taking steps towards a bigger, better, brighter future!

At the same time our sensitivity, anger and physical energy are also extremely heightened, so be mindful of speaking your truth and directing your energies for release in a constructive way.
Its important that we state our truth kindly but firmly, especially as some people could be overzealous, aggressive and egoistical about pushing through their own agenda now.

Making real progress and setting healthy boundaries will come easy.

Tensions will begin to subside when Mars enters Taurus on the 9th of March, also helping us to feel more grounded as we have no fixed signs at present.

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