The truth is being revealed. Last degrees of Mars in Scorpio and shadow phase, until 22nd August.

dustin hoffman

The truth is being revealed. Last degrees of Mars in Scorpio and shadow phase, until 22nd August.

Mars in Scorpio is in the last degrees of Scorpio, after his retrograde phase, where he has been digging deep in all that was hidden and toxic and is now being brought up to the surface making the truth impossible to no longer ignore.

Where there have been untruths, manipulation, misuse of power and deceit as well as suppressed anger, we will see much now revealed on a personal and collective level.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange are a perfect example of this. Relentlessly revealing the shocking truth, compromising people in places of high power and putting them on the defensive. 

It should stay interesting, with much more to be revealed and with often shocking revelations, due to Mar’s aspect to Uranus the planet of surprises, shocks and rebellion and Eris the great awakener, until 22 Aug when Mars has left his shadow phase after re- entering Sagittarius (the seeker of  truth) on the 2nd of Aug.

Mars in Sagittarius together with Saturn in Sagittarius will continue the work of making sure the truth will be implemented with the resulting consequences being put into action.

With another likely peak time of truth revelations happening when Saturn stations to go direct on the 13th August after a 5 month retrograde period, culminating at the Luna Ecplise on the 18th August which will herald in rapid change.

The truths we now see revealed,will result in a wave of Justice and reform when Jupiter enters Libra (the sign of balance and Justice) on the 9th September 2016 until 10th October 2017.

We may well see a peak this Friday 29th July when Mars is in a tense aspect (square) to Mercury, the planet of communication and Uranus is at its most powerful as it stations to go retrograde.With a hightened potential for conflicts and shocking revelations.

We have a rare opportunity now to be honest with ourselves and face our own inner truths, gaining deep insights into our own hidden subconscious mind, with a better understanding of how our own subconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking have been self-sabotaging as well as limitating our true potential.

It’s a chance on a personal and global level to rid ourselves of all that is toxic in our lives, enabling us to live a healthier more authentic life, built on honesty and healthier emotional and behavioural patterns.

Mars now direct, is making our tolerance levels low, while at the same time bestowing us with enough strength and determination to make the changes that need to be made, as well as setting clear and healthy boundaries.

The Saturn -Neptune square is coaxing us to either face the truth and reality (Saturn) or stay in denial and delusions (Neptune ) .

In order to make real and positive changes, we need to constantly discern the truth from a place of objectivity and detachment, while at the same time listening to our heart with compassion and intuition as our guide. (Neptune)

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” -Buddha

Photo from All the presidents men  Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford 1976

Vivienne Micallef-Browne



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