The Royal finger of God,5th Aug, weekend energy update.

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The Royal finger of God.

The Sun in Leo forms a royal and powerful “finger of God” aspect.

We have a powerful yod or”finger of God” bringing us into the weekend, between Pluto, Neptune and the Sun in Leo, with the Sun in Leo at the apex.

The Yod is amping up, the positive effects of the recent New Moon in Leo 2nd August  the 2nd August in full force now since and we will feel the effects for the next two weeks.
Giving us a rare opportunity to co-create and materialise our plans, projects and dreams.

Giving us extra power, strength and determination (Pluto) together with vision, hope and compassion(Neptune)for creating a better life in the now as well as the future.

We may well find that our hopes, plans and projects are crowned with success.

We have exceptionally good energy this weekend.
The moon is in Virgo and makes first of all, an opposition to Neptune in Pisces.
Neptune is also in aspect(Inconjunct)to the Sun in Leo.

Neptune in Sensitive, empathetic, visionary and mystical Pisces together with big-hearted, magnanimous Sun in Leo, is giving us the chance to open our hearts and let the love flow.
As well as having more understanding and empathy for others.

The moon is also conjunct mercury in Virgo making it easier to communicate our emotional needs with empathy. It’s a great time to heal any rifts or misunderstanding and have forgiveness for self and others for being less than perfect(Virgo)

There is a certain soft, dreamy, romantic and mystical energy in the air which is great for any creative or spiritual pursuits or just for some healthy self-care or with loved ones, relaxation and escapism.

The moon later meets up and co-joins together with expansive, optimistic Jupiter.

Bringing in the weekend with fun loving and good mood vibes. There is a high enjoyment factor to this aspect, while all undertakings are bestowed with an extra portion of good luck and a higher than usual chance of success. Especially for matters of the heart.

Mercury in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune until the end of next week giving us the power of visualisation to envision and believe in a bigger, brighter and better future. And since Neptune dissolves boundaries, we can feel a need to get close to and emerge emotionally with others.
We need to be extra vigilant however, as we are more prone than usual to the fog of Neptune’s delusion, deception and addictions which is the shadow side of Neptune. As well as keeping a check on having healthy boundaries.

Mars in Sagittarius makes us more idealistic, hopeful and courageous while giving us more drive and optimism in following our goals and visions.

Neptune in Pisces is also conjunct the south node of fate, collectively we are being pushed to stepping up our humanitarian values and empathy for one and all.

“Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. Nothing. Not a career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we’re going to survive with dignity”-Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn had her natal Moon in Pisces, first house opposite Neptune in Virgo.
She was also an Ambassador to Unicef :

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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  1. lisasands says:

    Oh yes. Wide, wide heart, yearning for all of the veils to lift so that we can connect fully. I’m in.


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