Life begins to flow! Mercury turns direct 22nd May.


Life begins to flow! Mercury the planet of communication and logical thinking stations to go direct on the 22nd May.
The second of 5 planets in retrograde to turn direct after  Jupiter turned direct May 9th.   Mercury has been retrograde  since 28th April, turning the energy inwards, seemingly slowing life down with our plans not quite working out as hoped and makinģ us more introspective.

Life will now beigin to pick up pace and flow more freely and lightly.
While still basking under the inspiring vibes of the full moon in Sagittarius, 21 May. , Mercury is making only positive aspects to the other planets. Taking  part in the beneficial Grand Earth Trine  as well as making a positive aspect (sextile) to Neptune.

Mercury is being supported by the sun in Gemini whose ruler is Mercury, helping life to feel lighter, fun and more playful .

After not one of the major ten planets have been in an air sign since March but mainly in earth and fire signs, we are in desperate need of this light breath of fresh air, giving us more detachment and space to breathe. 

We will be feeling more sociable and communitive. Gemini is charming, fun, curious, entertaining and we will find it easier to see any problems from a place of healthy detachment. Venus will be moving into Gemini as well, on the 24th May and will meet up in a conjunction with the sun next week. Making the week perfect for romance, socialising and just having fun.
The aspects Mercury is making couldn’t be better.
Giving us the full go ahead with our plans and projects It’s  also very positive time for any financial plans being made as Mercury is in the sign of Taurus the ruler of finance.
Not forgetting that it’s a perfect time to make any travel plans, as Mercury is being inspired by the full moon in Sagittarius, the planet of expansion and exploring new horizons.
Mercury is infused with visions, faith and optimism from Neptune and the full moon in Sagittarius.

We have gained clarity from Mercury’s retrograde and the rare eclipse of the Sun.

Through Mercury’s aspect to the Grand Earth Trine we are being grounded and supported, helping us to turn our dreams into reality, step by step with determination and perseverance.
Mercury stationing direct is at his strongest. So this is a good time to see the bigger picture and to reflect on our inner truths, that have come to light during the retrograde period, while making plans and working on a better future that aligns with the new emerging you.
Preparing well for when Mars turns direct on the 29th of June, when things will really start to get moving.
Mercury under the full moon in Sagittarius, is helping us to break through any mental limitations that we might have. As well as enabling us to harmonise our minds (mercury) with or heart (Sagittarius)
We will have become more aware than ever, that by breaking through our own mental limitations and limiting patterns of behaviour,  we are much more able to co-create the future that we desire. Our efforts made to co-create are being supported by the Grand Earth Trine.
It is then, that the miracle of The law of attraction begins to happen.
We need to have dreams, visions and faith to keep us inspired.
Did you gather new insights during Mercury retrograde period, especially during the eclipse of the sun on may 9th,the same day that Jupiter turned direct? Or shortly before or after?
And how do you envision a brighter better future that is based on these new insights and truths? Allowing you to follow your heart’s desire and higher purpose.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”- Gail Devers


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