Adventurous dreamers unite, on a mission, seeking love, truth and happiness.Full moon in Sagittarius, 21 May.

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Adventurous dreamers, on a mission, seeking love, truth and happiness.

Full moon in Sagittarius, 21 May 2016  at 01°

The next two months is the time for adventurous dreamers to unite. To find your tribe, people who inspire and uplift you.
We are on a mission looking for truth, happiness, love and we shall find it, as we have a rare event happening of two full moons in Sagittarius, two months in a row. A “Blue Moon”

The second Full Moon in Sagittarius is on June 20th, which is also the same day when Jupiter meets up for the 3rd and last time with the north nodes of fate.
The last time Jupiter met up with the nodes of fate three times in a year was in 1842.
Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius so this is a very exceptional and auspicious event.

This full moon will lead us too, showing us the way, how to gain the best possible benefits of the second full moon in Sagittarius and the jupiter, nodes of fate on the 20th June.
Jupiter conjunct the north nodes brings fated luck and happiness, helping us to find our higher truth, path and purpose in life.

It’s  about expanding out of and breaking free from your limitations. Living out your true hearts desires and purpose that are on the other side of fear.
With Jupiter taking part in the beneficial Grand Earth Trine, supporting all of our endeavours, we simply have the Midas touch, turning everything into gold. With the Mutable square teasing us out of our comfort zone.

For the next two months, the Sagittarius full moon will be making us feel optimistic, self-confident and adventurous.Sagittarius loves to spread joy, laughter and good vibes.

Travelling, meeting new people, expanding our horizons, moving out of our comfort zone, higher learning, spirituality and creativity are all being supported by the universe right now, taking us to where we are meant to be.
This is the year that will change our lives forever, a turning point leading us to the path of happiness.

The influence of the two full moons in Sagittarius will last through until the full moon in Capricorn on the 19th July.
We will see many people finding “The one” as well as our relationships reaching new heights in happiness and deeper bonds being forged based on true love and honesty,
Many will also find where their higher purpose and path lies in life this year.
Both full moons in sagittarius in May and June has the Sun conjunct Venus the planet of love. Reinforcing the theme of finding joy in life and happiness in love and relationships, as well as the promise of financial and creative success.

With the moon in opposition to the sun in Gemini, life feels lighter and more playful. After ten planets mainly in earth and fire signs, the Gemini sun in the element of air gives us more detachment and space to breathe.

Gemini is humorous, with an inquisitive mind helping Sagittarius’s quest for truth and knowledge.

After Jupiter’s four-month retrograde period, helping us to gain wisdom and deeper inner truths, he finally turned direct on the 9th of may, infusing us with energy and optimism.

Jupiter is now amping up the fire element of Sagittarius. Both are giving us an unquenchable thirst for truth, freedom and expansion.
It’s about finding our inspiration and joy, awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible. And teaches us, that to embrace life fully, we need to stay open hearted.
With Mars the Warrior conjunct the moon, we are breaking through all limitations within and without that are  blocking our path to freedom and growth. Freedom of self-expression is of upmost importance.
We no longer have time for small, mindedness, drama, untruths, or being defined by other`s expectations and opinions.
Jupiter and Sagittarius need expansion,truth and growth.
We will find that we have out grown people, habits and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve our highest good.

Mars in Sagittarius shows us that the true path to truth and freedom, is only for the brave of heart.

Mars together with the full moon will give us all the courage, faith and optimism we need, to face any fears or challenges head on.

And with Mercury turning direct one day after the full moon on the 22nd may, after having eclipsed the sun, gathering brilliant insights, we have changed our patterns of thinking forever. It’s a internal revolution.
We are learning mindfulness and detachment, the necessary tools needed for true personal, spiritual growth, happiness and self-knowledge. Enabling us to consciously make decisions that co-create a better future based on our true desires and our higher path.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”―

Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Mercury also sextiles Neptune helping us to be inspired and envision a bigger, brighter future without limitations.Utilising and making the most of our gifts and talents.

We are learning to harmonise the perfect balance between our minds and hearts.

Venus makes a powerful aspect to Pluto and is in opposition to the Warrior Mars. Making passions run high as well as sudden magnetic attractions taking us by surprise. All relationships will benefit from this high attraction and passionate aspect; we just need to watch a tendency for heated arguments and impulsiveness. But with Venus`s beneficial aspect to Pluto, she will win and compromises will be made, as love and harmony have the upper hand.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”

― John Lennon

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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