Mars in Gemini. Flying High! 20th August 2022 to March 25th 2023.

Mars in Gemini. Flying High! From 20th August 2022 to March 25th 2023.

Mars in Gemini, is exciting, positive and up-lifting. Our drive, energy and joy will increase significantly as the flames of the fire planet of Mars are fanned even higher, by the quick and light footed air sign of Gemini.

Mars changing signs from Taurus into the sign of Gemini is a re-birthing time and re-set in the areas of joy, creativity, success and self-expression.

Its everything we need to take flight, with renewed optimism and lust for life.

We can feel a sense of restlessness and the urge for adventure, (re)awakening our sense of wonder. It’s about dreaming and imagining, but also having the courage to chase our dreams. 

We can use these energies as a catalyst to initiate change, expansion and diversity in our lives. Pioneering and daring, you no longer have to wait for permission or validation from others.

Life will begin to flow more quickly, more smoothly and pick up pace. There will be less chaos and things will begin to fall into place more readily, helping us to successfully move forward. 

Those things that you have been putting of for ages and feeling stuck, will suddenly be so much easier to complete. We will be infused with a well-needed dynamic impetus of get up and go, feel more drive, motivation and enthusiasm. 

There is something extra special and rare about this event as Mars will stay in Gemini not just for the usual six weeks but for a total of seven months!

Mars usually takes approx fifteen months to go once around the the zodiac, usually spending six weeks in one sign. Approx every two years *Mars stations retrograde which makes the phase last longer in one sign, around twelve weeks in total. So, seven months in one sign is an unusual and rare event and gives us plenty of time to get moving and reach our goals, getting us to our desired destination. 

This is good news for us all, especially because Mars the warrior will not be making challenging aspects to the big heavy weight Planets, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter which could potentially further aggravate the current difficult global challenges, as has been the case the past three months with both Mars in Aries and then in Taurus.

As Saturn and Uranus make an almost exact square(within half a degree) once again in late September and October for the last time until 2043, Mars in Gemini will help us personally and collectively to navigate and transition with greater ease and flexibility through this period that can bring change and challenges with it, that will ultimately benefit us all for the better.

Our plans, projects, ideas will start to take flight finally getting of the ground. Our way of thinking will become lighter and more flexible, less fixed on certain ideas of how things should be and we will feel emotionally more optimistic as we become aware of all of our many different possibilities and options.

During the next seven months we can free our minds from to much over thinking (Gemini) and finally put our ideas into action (Mars). We will be more open to new perspectives of how we live our lives. Higher learning, making new friends, and trying out completely new things, will become a priority.

This is much needed after the isolation and restrictions over the past two years due to the Corona Virus. The presence of Mars in Gemini also indicates that the coming winter will not see our social and daily life under to many restrictions.

Mars in the air sign of Gemini will illuminate the areas in our lives, where we have been leaving too little space, for the Gemini qualities of lightness, joy, play and self-expression.

Gemini, the butterfly of the zodiac teaches us not to let ourselves be weighed down to much by our worldly problems, but to connect to our true spirit and lightness of being, our infinite nature and eternal youth and how to fly high above it all. Just like the butterfly, we can go through important changes with grace and lightness.

We can free ourselves from emotional baggage, letting go of any feelings of heaviness, burden and limitation. We need to take action and responsibility for bringing more lightness into our lives, helping us to reconnect with our inner spark of light, freedom, lightness and joy, to those exhilarating qualities that are innately a part of us all. 

The next seven months is the time for adventurous dreamers to unite. To find your tribe, people who inspire and uplift you.

Mars symbolizes the quest to express individuality, to assert willpower, and to create vitality for initiating new cycles of experience, in the sign of Gemini expressing and communicating our thoughts, ideas, emotions, our creative talents will be of upmost importance.

It’s time to reclaim our inner joy and lightness of being! Mars in the sign of Gemini is about finding our inspiration and awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible.

Joy is our natural state, the source of which is our inner child, that we need to reconnect too and keep alive and well on a regular basis. Gemini loves diversity and has an insatiable curiosity, increasing our desire to meet new people, try out new hobbies or new avenues of learning. Anything that reignites your inner spark.

Gemini is the sign of youthfulness whose source of the fountain of youth is her inner lightness of being and joy. When we embrace our inner joy and lightness, we defy age and our ability to keep our inner spark alive and youthfulness becomes eternal.

Joy is such a powerful feeling that it can rarely be communicated through words. Try expressing and multiplying your joy through dancing, singing, laughing, or any other way that screams about freedom, passion, and happiness!

Let us dance in the Sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair… – Susan Polis Schutz

Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne 

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*Mars will retrograde between the 30th October until the 12th January 2023.


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