The Saturn-Uranus square 2021/22. A Seismic Shift

The Saturn-Uranus square 17th February 2021 Feb, June, Dec 2021 and again in Sep/Nov 2022. A Seismic Shift

The Saturn-Uranus square is perhaps the most important astrological aspect of 2021 that will be active all year and will peak three times throughout the year, the first will take place on the 17th of February, then again June 14th and December 24th. And a last time that results in a culmination until 2043 in Sept/October 2022.

Saturn and Uranus can be likened to tectonic plates beneath the earth’s crust slowly moving towards each other, causing a steady build-up of pressure that releases as they come into contact with each other, resulting in a seismic shift and major eruption.

The resulting waves of seismic energy will propagate through our lives and society, changing our world as we know it.

Together Saturn and Uranus are causing revolutionary change that first began with the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction on the 21st of December 2020, heralding in a new Aquarian age based on a more progressive, fairer and more humanitarian society.

Uranus in the fixed sign of Taurus is Shaking up the unshakeable and removing the unmovable.

The exact square to Saturn on the 17th February, then again in June and December and for the last time until 2043 in October 2022 will result in a sudden release of stress that means something has to give. The strongest effects are often felt one to two weeks before the peak dates.

Much will change and become uprooted as the old dismantles and the new begins to take form.

This is nothing short of an inner and outer revolution and awakening on a personal and global level.

Jupiter in Aquarius will bring on a time of opportunity and growth throughout 2021 while Uranus dismantles the old and Saturn rebuilds new structures. Saturn will stay in the sign of Aquarius for the next three years and during this time will build strong new foundations and new structures for the new age, while Jupiter in Aquarius will sow the seeds of good fortune, optimism and expansion during his one year stay in Aquarius.

2021 is the year to reinvent yourself, to live your best life and live the life you have evolved for.

The tense energy gives great initiative and pushes us to take action and embrace change. A lack of taking action and resistance could result in feeling unsettled as well as irritability. What areas of your life have you put on hold for far too long?

We need to be adaptable and open-minded. Don’t get stuck into how it HAS to be and how it all WAS. Those things don’t apply anymore. We are karmically being asked to grow beyond our triggers and stuckness and to change our negative rhetoric to ourselves and any unwillingness to change.

We will feel the effects of the Saturn-Uranus square throughout 2021 but particularly when they are exact in February, June and December. As resistance meets radical progressive change, don’t let yourself be pulled into the storm, but use the energies to put real distance between anything that’s holding you back and create the new.

This is a time of radical self-love and reinvention. It’s time to break out of any toxic situation if you are unhappy or frustrated. Your efforts for innovative change will be rewarded.

What you once perhaps perceived to be your rock and gave you security, is being questioned and shaken so that you can step up and evolve beyond your limitations. Harnessing change is the most valuable tool available for creating the reality that you desire.

Taurus represents our security, values, wealth, abundance and mother nature. Uranus in the sign of Taurus is shaking up our once firmly held beliefs in these areas. True wealth is to be found in the well -being of our emotional, mental and physical state and our Planet Earth. Security is something that we should find within and not in materialism alone. We can channel these powerful energies to create greater wealth in our health, environment and finances while honouring the power of nature and Mother Earth.

We are the creators of our own perceived reality. We need to decide exactly what we want. It’s time for us to take full control of our destiny instead of being a creation of circumstance and fate.

We don’t need to find and follow a path, when we are the path creator.

“Every creative act, however small, enriches our species and the world around us. To find and nurture talent, is to be truly wealthy.”― Stewart Stafford

It is a true radical revolution of values, as society and governments are being shocked into motion as a result of the events of 2020. Replacing rigid, self-serving and complacent attitudes with the sudden urgency to address and implement more fairness, justice and humanitarian values as the Saturn-Uranus square of 202 1 is initiating radical restructuring.

Greed, materialism and power will no longer be the major influence. It signalises the beginning of a new era for humanity. A shift away from a society dominated by materialistic values, greed and depletion of our planet to a more awakened consciousness to the needs of humanity as a whole, one focused on equality and fairness.

The revolutionary qualities of this aspect will see a continuation of more demonstrations and disruptions worldwide, as people are no longer prepared to be repressed and accept massive inequality. Democracy, freedom and fairness are no longer being taken for granted and is a fight worth fighting for, as Pluto in Capricorn is still purging and bringing to light, the corruption and greed that prevails throughout our governments, societies and big corporations.

The fabric of our new society will become even more tightly woven when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 until 2043.

It will be a chance for mankind to heal collectively and bring in a new and fairer social order for many and not just a few. Just as we recently witnessed a power to the people (Reddit) vs the stockmarket major event, we will continue to witness shake-ups and seismic shifts in the global financial market resulting in a fairer distribution of wealth.

The tension of this powerful aspect can propel us into action while the visionary brilliance of Aquarius can help you to envision your life anew. Every dream come true, starts with a vision. The law of attraction starts with a visualisation of our potential future.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” –Harriet Tubman

Saturn-Uranus Dates: February 14, 2021 at 7 degrees. June 14, 2021 at 13 degrees. December 24, 2021 at 11 degrees, October 10th at 18 degrees.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo by Empower Astrology.

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  1. Lisa Sands says:

    Thank you for your intuition and kindness in all your posts. You are positive education of the stars.


    1. Thank you so much Lisa! 😊 ❤️


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