Full Moon in Pisces, 20-21 September 2021. Healing Mind, Body and Soul.

Full Moon in Pisces at 28 degrees, 20-21 September 2021. Healing Mind, Body and Soul.

The Full Moon in Pisces is a wonderful time to heal and restore the balance between mind, body and soul, conjoined to Neptune in Pisces the Full Moons potency is supercharged in all things Pisces, including our emotions and sensitivity.

The Sun in Virgo represents our mind and body and the Moon in Pisces the soul self. In opposition to each other, we can become strongly aware of how the two are no longer in balance.

This Full Moon is guiding us to restore an inner sense of balance and harmony. Reconnect with inner peace and serenity and a renewed sense of purpose.

When we take time out, to reconnect within, the Full Moon can feel like an oasis helping us to restore our inner peace. Consciously take the time to relax and detox mind, body and soul, even if just for a short while to restore your inner balance and since Neptune rules the Ocean, if possible be close to the element of water.

“Paradise isn’t a place, it is a state of consciousness”-Sri Chinmoy

Let the Love and Peace that dwells within take center stage.

Pluto in a positive aspect provides the strongest potential for deep regeneration and renewal deeply transformational and empowering, we can connect within and access our inner power and strength.

It’s time to reclaim our power.

The Full Moon leads us into the Spring/Fall Equinox, a time of transition, contemplation, gratitude, and new beginnings. An energetic portal opens, giving us the opportunity to align with the cosmic flow and make significant changes in our lives.

It’s a time of surrender of going with the Neptune flow while taking the path of least resistance.

The Veil is thin between the seen and the unseen, as Neptune makes strong aspects to both the Moon and the Sun, heightening our intuition, our psychic abilities. Uncanny things can occur such as thinking of someone, and suddenly they just call you out of the blue.

The Sun in Virgo can make apparent, that when we spend too much time in our mind, we lose connection with our emotions, Soul and Spirit, leading to anxiety and excessive worrying that can have mental and physical effects. Between the need to let go of knowing every last detail and learn to accept what is, as it is. Until the analytical Virgo learns to see the bigger picture to trust and go with the flow, they will not be able to live a balanced life.

The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace, trusting the process and going with the flow, let go of resistance to what you cannot change.

The moment you learn to surrender and let go is the second you start to feel more in tune with who you are.

The balance between Virgo and Pisces can teach us how to stop living from the ego, and to start loving our true, authentic self. Reconnect to that part of you who intuitively knows where your mind, body and spirit needs healing and which path to take, that will take you to the next evolutionary level of your development. Helping us to reclaim our lost power to heal, see the truth, and fulfil our purpose in life.

Within you is a greater, wiser self that knows no fears, worries, but is infinite and boundless.

The evolutionary intent of Pisces is to recognize that we are all one, and therefore, that lack-of-boundary trait can produce the highest kind of spiritual oneness of which we are capable. Yet at the same time, we need to practice the art of setting healthy boundaries and while our sensitivity and empathy are high, we need to be aware of not subconsciously soaking in negative energies like a sponge, which can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and practice and visualise healthy psychic shielding and emotional detox through relaxation, meditation, etc.

Venus in the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio is in opposition to Uranus in Taurus who together with Saturn in Aquarius has been dominating the celestial skies throughout the year 2021. Teaching us strength and resilience, as well as in-depth Self-awareness. Venus in opposition is teaching us radical self-love and resilience.

At the heart of resilience is a belief in oneself—yet also a belief in something larger than oneself.

Venus in Scorpio until the 7th of October, can help you to develop your charisma, your inner power, your energy, financial/business abundance and expansion and be able to project personal qualities of magnetism and presence that gives you the ability to become remarkable, magnetic and inspire everyone around you.

We will be looking for emotional depth, romance and passionate erotic in our relationships. We have a chance to go deeper and strengthen emotional bonds. If something has been suppressed, it will, however, come up to be dealt with as Uranus in Taurus makes it impossible to withhold our truth and the need to live authentically.

We can free our minds from self-defeating thought patterns; rebooting and updating our mental and emotional bodies; adapting our everyday life to align with our deepest wisdom and highest vision. There is great potential for healing, releasing and forgiving.

Prepare to download a new vision for your future and to move ahead with greater freedom and authenticity.

The power of envisioning, believing and creating opens the gateway to let miracles in.

Our creative abilities and talents will receive a huge surge of inspiration. It`s a wonderful time to start creative and spiritual projects, which will lead you to new heights in your form of expression helping you to realise your full potential.

The connection to our higher selves and unconditional cosmic love, the knowledge that we are never alone and that separation is an illusion, is the message of Neptune and the Full Moon Pisces.

The all-encompassing and unconditional love that Pisces teaches us, dwells within us all and is our Secret Super Power.

Vivienne Micallef Browne. Photo Empower Astrology.

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