New Moon in Libra, 6th October 2021. Balancing of the Heart.

New Moon in Libra, 6th October 2021 at 13 degrees. Balancing of the Heart.

“Love is the undisturbed balance that binds this universe together.”— Mahavatar Babaji

This New Moon in Libra has all the ingredients for a fresh new start in love and in all of our relationships. Exciting and passionate, exactly conjoined to fiery Mars and at the same time Pluto is stationing direct. It could be the beginning of a beautiful love story like in a Russian novel to lose yourself in. An upgrade to all of our relationships, it’s an evolutionary step forward after we have been releasing old karmic dysfunctional patterns in our relationships during Pluto’s retrograde the past five months.

Some of us may have felt emotionally triggered over the past few days, as Pluto has brought to light long-buried traumas and issues of an imbalance of power in our relationships, making felt, the wounded part of ourselves that lacks a sense of strong self-worth, identity and any feelings of not being enough.

We can release and heal the many blinds spots and self-sabotaging behavior, that have been so deeply buried within our subconscious mind and hearts and have been blocking our path to true intimacy and happy healthy relationships with ourselves and others. It’s a powerful time for healing with truth and integrity as Venus the ruler of the New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio the Alchemist.

An Alchemist is one who turns everything into love.

After six planets in retrograde, life begins to flow again, as four Planets move direct in the month of October. Especially auspicious are the days leading up to and around the 18th of October when Jupiter and Mercury both turn direct. Expect to hear long-awaited good news with the possibility of exciting opportunities.

Libra represented by the scales, is all about getting the balance right. We must at first correct the balance within before we can bring more peace, harmony and balance into our outer world. Where has there been an imbalance within yourself, between too much or too little independence, self-assertiveness or lack of love in your life including self-love? Or has there been too much love, putting the other always before your own needs, resulting in co-dependency and feeling of lost independence and freedom?

“Retire to the center of your being, which is calmness.”— Paramahansa Yogananda

We can find a better balance in our lives to achieve more peace, beauty, harmony, and love as Libra offers us the gift of diplomacy and the art of compromise to correct any imbalance with others.

Venus-ruled Libra, the goddess of love, is somewhat hedonistic and quality of life is more important to us now.

Do we have enough time and space in our lives for fun and relaxation? Is it all about work and no play? Are you giving and not receiving enough love and appreciation?

Love, beauty and all things bright and beautiful are in focus; we can bring fresh, exciting wind into everything Venus-ruled, our relationships, creativity, art and finances. We can suddenly feel the urge to beautify our surroundings and the way we look. Libra instills in us a desire to honor our inner and outer beauty. Break out and try new things that will enhance your joy and pleasure factor.

We feel happy now when we can express our love and appreciation for our loved ones, family and friends, with authentic feelings and passion.

Celebrate your love, of yourself and others. Treat yourself and your loved ones to something special, a special treat, or through the language of love. Speak to others with more caring, passion, and love, creating an environment of love, peace and harmony. We can tap into this exuberant energy to feel good and uplift ourselves and others.

The gift of the New Moon in Libra is also one of self-love, helping us to release all that is NOT love. Remember your, energy, time, self-respect and boundaries are holy and sacred.

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”Rumi

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. It’s time to fall in love with YOU.

The New Moon offers us a chance to evolve in Love. We are being asked to mature and redefine what love of self and others really means and to take responsibility for our actions.

Mars and Pluto are empowering us to take control of our lives and destiny. Synchronicities are strong now and fated meetings, especially in Love and people who can help you with your life’s goals.

It’s time to take back your power and to take charge of your life and focus on the direction you want to go and create the life that you love!

We can no longer let our fears choose our destiny.

The New Moon in Libra is reminding us that we don’t have to earn love from others because you can’t earn what you already have. You came from love; you are love and we never need to earn it. We ARE enough always.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo Empower Astrology.

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