New Moon in Libra, 6th October 2021. Balancing of the Heart.

“Love is the undisturbed balance that binds this universe together.”— Mahavatar Babaji

This New Moon in Libra has all the ingredients for a fresh new start in love and in all of our relationships. Exciting and passionate, exactly conjoined to fiery Mars and at the same time Pluto stationing is direct. It could be the beginning of a beautiful love story like in a Russian novel to loose yourself in. An upgrade to all of our relationships, it’s an evolutionary step forward after we have been releasing old karmic dysfunctional patterns in our relationships during Pluto’s retrograde the past five months.

Full Moon in Aries, 5th October. Fire in your soul!

Fire in your soul! Full Moon in Aries, 5th October at 12 degrees. This Full Moon in Aries is all about fire and igniting the passion in our soul. The Moon in the fire sign of Aries is impulsive; self-assured and uninhibited. We will feel deeply impassioned about what we love, what we desire, what…