Super Flower Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 26th May 2021. Expanded heart Energy and Limitless potential.

Super Flower Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 26th May 2021 at 5 degrees. Expanded heart Energy and Limitless potential.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign of Sagittarius, is a cosmic gift to expand our heart energy and joy, awakening you to your limitless potential and magnificence. Awakening our hearts for more adventure joy and expansiveness in our lives.

“Limitless is your potential. Magnificent is your future.”-Gordon B. Hinckley

The Lunar Eclipse and closest Supermoon of 2021 in the sign of Sagittarius is a joyous, rebirthing time and re-set, we can expand our hearts and joy and reconnect to our limitless potential and reawaken our faith and optimism.

It’s about finding our inspiration and joy, awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible. And teaches us, that to embrace life fully, we need to stay open-hearted.

The Lunar Eclipse is a wonderful time for new adventures, expanding our horizons, romance and joy.

We can feel a sense of restlessness and the urge for adventure, (re)awakening our sense of wonder. It’s about dreaming and imagining, but also having the courage to chase our dreams.

We can become aware of how we have set self-imposed limitations upon ourselves and break free of them.

“The number of ways you can live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself? The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe is.”- Suzy Kassem

This Lunar Eclipse can provide the necessary catalyst to overcome any emotional blocks, circumstances or obstacles and open a portal and door to new opportunities.

Lunar eclipses shine a light on our deep emotional needs and illuminate a place within, that is the key and essential to the next important step in our development and life path. It may suddenly come as a feeling of enlightenment and surprise about the true nature of our inner needs. Whatever comes up, leading up to the eclipse or shortly after, pay close attention to it.

Eclipses can often uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving at an accelerated pace so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly. It often seems that during an eclipse and after our personal and spiritual development can suddenly accelerate at such a speed, that we suddenly develop and grow in areas that would have otherwise taken months or years.

Emotions can feel very strong at this Lunar eclipse, as the Earth temporarily blocks the light between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Saggitarus in opposition,. The Moon left in partial darkness without the rays of the Sun blocked by the Earth, enables us to connect deep down within, to our hearts true wisdom and heart energy. We suddenly become aware of what is missing within to feel whole again. How we have been living out of balance and where our blockages lie on an emotional level. Answers that we have been searching for and have alluded us, can suddenly become apparent.

Like Sagittarius,, Jupiter in Pisces, the ruler of the Moon, knows no limitations. We are breaking through all limitations within and without that are blocking our path to freedom and growth. Freedom of self-expression is of utmost importance.

We no longer have time for small, mindedness, drama, untruths, or being defined by other’s expectations and opinions.

The Saturn- Uranus square nearly exact, is pushing us outside of our comfort zones and for radical expansion, truth and growth.

We will find that we have outgrown people, habits and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve our highest good. We’re feeling the freedom-loving and rebellious energies of this aspect particularly strongly now.

Uranus is the awakener and the North Node represents our destiny now conjoined to the Sun in Gemini. We are destined to awaken to a higher consciousness, that is triggered by this Full Moon. The more awake we are, the more we recognise and embrace the Truth.

Eclipses can create endings and new beginnings in order to make space to let in the new, that is more in alignment with who we have evolved to.

It’s a time when we may find that we need to open our doors to the right people and close them to the wrong people.

Every ending is creating the space for something amazing and the right people to come into your life

Find your tribe and be around people who lift you up and support you.

Sagittarius, the adventurer, inspired by breadth of vision, aims his bow high. It’s time to reach your highest potential and set your goals and visions high and get passionate about things that really matter to you. To do the things you love and that make you feel alive.

The fire sign of Sagittarius blazes a courageous trail towards the unknown and illuminates his path ahead through inspiration.

Aim for the Moon, if you miss you may hit a Star

Saturn in Aquarius now stationing retrograde calls upon us to become more ambitious and to take better, more deliberate aim, so that we can accomplish something of true and lasting significance.

Jupiter the planet of good luck, expansion and joy now in the compassionate, visionary sign of Pisces until the 28th of July signals that our hopes and needs are just within our reach.

This is heart-opening energy.

Abundance is all around just open your heart to attract it.

Jupiter in Pisces helps us to be inspired and envision a bigger, brighter future without limitations. Utilising and making the most of our gifts and talents.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

The Lunar Eclipse conjoined to the South Node of fate, is a balancing out of karma, bringing our past actions to fruition for good and the bad, personally and collectively.

We need to learn from our past mistakes, release the past and embrace our future and true life path (North Node) with greater self-confidence and optimism.

Letting go of the negative stories that we tell ourselves limiting our true potential.

Mercury in Gemini will turn retrograde on the 29th of May while making a difficult aspect to Neptune in Pisces, we need to discern delusion from reality and truth from deceit. Healing is to be found in the truth. Another important message of Neptune is that when we find ourselves at a crossroads we need to lose our fear and trust in faith.

Take a leap of faith.

“One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart, one leap of faith, can change your life forever.”-Robert Holden

The period between this Lunar Eclipse and the coming Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th June marks both an ending to our delusions, fear and uncertainty and an awakening to our real possibilities.

Sagittarius transmutes knowledge into wisdom. But perhaps the most important knowledge and wisdom of all is the knowledge of self.

Reclaim your power by getting centered and realigned with your Wisdom Self/Soul.

“Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.”- Osho

Pushing the limits is easier now, and you can extend your influence much farther than ever before. When you know your destination, we can demonstrate an unwavering determination to arrive there.

No matter what the difficulties, we can overcome whatever is in our path, trusting in what is positive regardless of conditions. This period can reawaken your faith in the best that life and you have to offer.

This Lunar Eclipse is reminding us of our pure magnificence and our power to co-create the life we desire.

“What if deep down inside, you knew you were more amazing and magnificent than you thought you were?”- Roger James McDonald

Sagittarius is a fire sign and we can rekindle the simmering, slow-burning flame within, into an inferno of passion and joy for life.

Our power of attraction is at its strongest when we shine. So shine and attract, what your heart desires. Whether it be love, happiness or good luck. We have the power now, to attract those things into our life.

This Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is infusing our consciousness with inspiration, spiritual creativity and has the power to make miracles happen.

“From my own experience, I want to say that you should follow your heart, and the mind will follow you. Believe in yourself, and you will create miracles.”- Kailash Satyarthi

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo by Empower Astrology


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