Jupiter in Pisces, 13th may 2021. Boundless, endless love.

Jupiter in Pisces, 13th May. Boundless, endless love.

Jupiter in Pisces is the Cosmic Hero that we have all been waiting for. Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and larger than life, full of optimism, hope and the bringer of good fortune. He expands everything he touches and after twelve years makes a big and bold entrance into the sign of Pisces on the 13th of May 2021.

Get ready for Big Emotions, Big Love and Big Inspiration!

Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces alongside Neptune and can work his magic in the sign of Pisces perhaps better than in any other sign. Pisces, like Jupiter, is boundless and limitless. Pisces has endless love and compassion to give and Jupiter, limitless joy, growth and inspiration.

Together they bring the possibility of unlimited growth, good luck, expansion, optimism, romance and boundless, endless love.

Fall back in love with life, love and yourself once again.

Both Jupiter and Pisces represent faith and together they can restore our faith and in the best that life has to offer.

Jupiter brings a huge and positive shift in energy until the 28th of July. We can double our joy and good luck during this time in exactly those areas of life that need it the most, especially though on an emotional level. It’s a time when the foundations of a better life to come can be laid, that will come to materialise in a big way, when Jupiter re-enters Pisces in December 2021, where he will stay for approximately one year.

Jupiter in Pisces will help us to shine confidently and brightly, it will be easier to express our true emotions, helping you to gain popularity and recognition. There never was a better time to manifest your creativity and power of attraction.

Jupiter in Pisces offers us an opportunity to make more room in our lives and our hearts for more love, abundance and joy.

It’s time to spread and receive love, in every corner of your life and soul that has been kept in darkness

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”-Mother Theresa

More than usual, synchronicities will abound, helping everything to flow effortlessly together to help materialise your plans and make dreams come true. Jupiter in Pisces can bring divine luck seemingly out of the blue.

During Jupiters two and a half months stay in Pisces, there’s real power in setting intentions, in visualizing them, and in believing that they’ll come to fruition. We’re co-creators with the universe, imagining our lives into being. And it’s a mysterious, beautiful ride.

We can tap into this exuberant energy to feel good and uplift ourselves and others.

Outdated and limiting ways of feeling thinking and belief system`s can suddenly be replaced with new expansive visions. Breaking the chains of our old way of being and our limiting ways of thinking with that no longer align with the new emerging person you have become.

Whatever your present circumstances, we can all download more love, light and hope into our lives. Our intuition and inner knowing are strong and this energy can give you a natural high.

This is open-hearted energy and has the power to heal wounded hearts and melt ones that have become frozen.

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” – Haruki Murakami

Jupiter in Pisces is lighting up the path ahead, with a real promise of better things to come and gives us the gift of optimism and hope, whatever our current situation may be and helps us to see the bigger picture. To let go of what we can’t control and trust that the Universe ultimately has a bigger plan for our highest good even if it doesn’t seem immediately apparent.

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, achieves the impossible”

Pisces is the sign of the healer and Jupiter expands our capability to heal. We have the power to activate the inner Shaman/ healer in us all, the part of you that connects directly to the true source of the universe. Who teaches us how to stop living from the ego, and start loving your true, authentic self. Who, intuitively knows where our mind, body and spirit needs healing and which path to take, that will take us to the next evolutionary level of our development. Helping us to reclaim our lost power to heal, see the truth, and fulfil our purpose in life.

We can tap into the place within, the greater, wiser self that knows no fears, worries, but is infinite and boundless.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo: Empower Astrology.

Photo of Ursula Andress who has four planets in Pisces in her natal Horoscope.

Important dates include:

May 13, 2021: Jupiter ingress into Pisces

July 28, 2021: Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius

December 29, 2021: Jupiter back to Pisces

April 10, 2022: Jupiter ingress into Aries

October 28, 2022: Jupiter back to Pisces


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