New Moon in Aries, 11/12th April. Fearless New Beginnings!

New Moon in Aries, 11/12th April at 22 degrees. Fearless, New Beginnings.

The energy of the New Moon in Aries is positive, uplifting and fearless. It is a fire starter. We are Re-igniting, Re-setting, Re-starting!

The fire sign of Aries is the archetype of the Warrior hero taking action. Aries is ruled by the warrior planet of Mars and with four planets in Aries, we become activated to overcome challenges and to initiate the new, through courage, enthusiasm, and leadership.

Jupiter and Mars in positive aspect are promising success, happiness and abundance, especially when we harness the energies and take action to overcome any struggles, challenges or obstacles which are signalised by Pluto in a tense aspect to Venus.

Saturn trine the North Node of Fate means that it is time to take back control over the destiny of our lives and souls purpose and take the necessary steps to make positive changes for the future.

We are about to set upon the path of the ‘“Hero’s Journey”

If you feel like you have a battle to win, you will have the courage you need to succeed.

This is an excellent time to begin a new business, career and love relationship or take it to the next level. The divine lovers, Venus and Mars are in a positive aspect, with Jupiter expanding their possibilities.

Jupiter and Mars trine Venus is one of the best astrology aspects, as Jupiter brings expansion, optimism and good fortune. It’s a combination that promises abundance and joy of all Venus-ruled matters in love, relationships, creative endeavours and finances.

Stay open to whatever opportunities may come your way in the next four weeks and go with it. Go with everything that excites your soul, even throwing caution to the wind. It could be the beginning of something wonderful. There is so much potential for magical, wonderful surprises this month.

This New Moon in Aries is all about fire and igniting the passion in our soul. The New Moon in the fire sign of Aries is impulsive; self-assured and uninhibited. We will feel deeply impassioned about what we love, what we desire, what we want and don’t want as Pluto, the planet of power and passion makes an exact aspect to Venus.

We feel passionate about our relationships and love, as the New Moon is dominated not only by fire and passion but love and harmony too since Venus is conjunct the New Moon. Love and passion are very much on our mind and our power of attraction is high in both love and new, exciting opportunities.

With Pluto so prominent It’s easy now to rediscover your passion that fuels the soul. To prioritise what’s really important to you in your life.

Transformation, reclaiming our power and living from our soul’s true desires are at the heart of all things now.

“There’s no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.”~Nelson Mandela

If you have been lacking drive and a sense of direction, that’s all about to change now. As Mars in Gemini separates from a tense aspect to Neptune in Pisces, we also will leave behind the fogginess, confusion and procrastination. Those things that you have been putting of for ages, will suddenly be so much easier to complete. We will be infused with a well-needed dynamic impetus of get up and go, we will feel more drive, motivation and enthusiasm.

It’s time to leave procrastination behind and take action.

Life will begin to move faster, what you have been working so hard for, will begin to take root and show fruition.

With Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all in aspect to Venus and the New Moon, this energy is akin to a tiger being released from its cage, we are releasing and shaking off the past few difficult months. Deeply transformed and empowered, we are emerging a new, with fire in our soul, like the Pheonix rising from the ashes.

The sign of Aries has a deep faith in their invincible strength within and their ability to overcome any challenge. We too can once again renew our faith in our inner strength and know that there is something inside of us that is greater than any obstacle.

Pluto square Venus is showing us our deepest fears, so that we can overcome them and start a new, those things we have not wanted to face but have felt imprisoned by. Pluto’s message is one of empowerment and living authentically.

Are we trying to keep the peace at all costs and people-pleasing? Forfeiting our authenticity, personal growth and empowerment? Whatever is standing in your way of personal growth will become apparent now.

We need to practice the art of letting go and leave behind all that is weighing us down so that we can reignite our inner spark.

What are you burning for and what do you need to burn away?

It’s time to release and let the past burn away.

The New Moon is pushing for change and Pluto for transformation. Giving us a chance to transform and align our soul’s desires and passions with our higher purpose and happiness.

Change is inevitable; transformation is by conscious choice.

We can use these energies as a catalyst to initiate change and expansion in our lives.

Any issues of insecurities and self-esteem can get a major boost of confidence right now.

It’s time to take action and speak your mind with passion. We have the gift now to be both self-assertive and diplomatic and to get the fine balance right. The New Moon in Aries will help you to assert your leadership and entrepreneur qualities, to take charge instead of being passive. Pioneering and daring, you no longer have to wait for permission or validation from others.

We can rediscover excitement in our lives. What excites and motivates you?

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit”-Rumi

Our own needs are very much at the forefront, as Aries teaches us how a healthy ego and self-love must be at the core of all things, as this is the Hero’s journey. Courageously pioneering the way ahead, with fresh new beginnings and a renewed lust for life.

Aries is the leader, who has a healthy sense of ego and knows what he wants. Any changes that we have been resisting out of fear or because we were putting others first, worrying what others may think while trying to fulfil their idea of how we should be, will no longer have power over us.

We need to take that leap of faith.

Fear is the opposite of faith, but they both require that you believe in something that you have not seen. Which one will you choose? Turning adversity into strength, dreams into reality, fear into faith, it’s time to blaze a trail ahead and shine our light to others, helping them to see their way through the darkness.

Nothing can stop you now from reaching your dreams. We have a real sense now of the infinite possibilities and new horizons that lie ahead of us. Aries symbolizes the quest to express individuality, to assert willpower, and to create vitality for initiating new cycles of experience and to lose our fear.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”Martha Graham

Vivienne Micallef- Browne.

Photo Empower Astrology.

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