Full Moon in Libra, 28th March 2021. The key to unlock your destiny and true potential.

Full Moon in Libra at 8 degrees, 28th March 2021. The key to unlock your destiny and true potential

This potent Full Moon in Libra holds the key to unlock your destiny’s path and true potential.

Venus is exactly conjoined to the Sun in Aries and opposite the Full Moon in Libra, one of the best aspects possible, romantic and a celebration of love, representing an upgrade for all of our relationships and taking them to the next level.

Venus direct conjunct the Sun, is a powerful aspect that occurs every 17 months and is called a superior conjunction. It’s a time that initiates a new cycle in all Venus-ruled matters, but most importantly its about the celebration of YOU and your pure magnificence. We can receive a major boost in self-confidence, self-love, inspiration and motivation now.

Venus and the Sun are also exactly conjoined to Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer. And herein lies the key, to help us unlock and open the door to our true potential, helping us take the next step on our evolutionary path, by embracing the healing powers of Venus and Chiron. It’s then, that we can take full advantage of Mars in Gemini conjunct the North Node of fate that represents our destiny’s path and souls purpose.

Chiron in Aries can make felt, the wounded part of ourselves that lacks a sense of strong self-worth, identity and any feelings of not being enough. So that we can release and heal the many blinds spots and self-sabotaging behaviour, that have been so deeply buried within our subconscious mind and hearts and have been blocking our path to true intimacy and happy healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Chiron together with Venus can help to heal any feeling of lack as Venus reminds us of our true magnificence and who we really are.

We can release any issues of feeling we need to earn love, as Venus reminds us we ARE love, we came from love and we never need to earn it. We ARE enough.

The Sun in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra shines a light on where there has been an imbalance in our relationships with ourselves and others. It will suddenly become apparent to us just where we feel there is a lack of, imbalance, and perhaps, more importantly, we will suddenly be able to see why.

The balance of scales represents Libra. We must at first correct the balance within before we can bring more peace, harmony and balance into our outer world. Where has there been an imbalance within yourself, between too much or too little independence, self-assertiveness or lack of love in your life including self-love? Or has there been too much love, putting the other always before your own needs, resulting in co-dependency and feeling of lost independence and freedom?

We can only experience real love if we have the freedom to be ourselves. The freedom to be you in love. Love and freedom aren’t mutually exclusive; they are interdependent, two sides of the same coin. True freedom starts within.

We can get the balance right to achieve more peace, beauty, harmony, and love in our lives as the Moon in Libra offers us the gift of diplomacy and the art of compromise to correct any imbalance with others.

The Full Moon in Libra gives us a desire for more peace and harmony.

Peace is a state of mind, a way of being. Peace is how one feels inside. One’s state of inner peace affects personal health and well-being as well as the world outside. To counteract the tendencies that sabotage our health, we need to find ways to clear our minds and restore our spirit.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”.-Buddha.”

Saturn in Aquarius gives us the power of self-awareness, insight and therefore more emotional intelligence. To see our love life and relationships to others from a fresh new and exciting perspective, you will suddenly not only know what your wants and needs are but see the solutions too, as Saturn makes a grand trine to Mars and the Full Moon.

Love, beauty and all things bright and beautiful are in focus; we can bring fresh, exciting wind into everything Venus-ruled, especially our relationships, creativity, art and finances. We can suddenly feel the urge to beautify our surroundings and the way we look. Libra instils in us a desire to honour our inner and outer beauty. Break out and try new things that will enhance your joy and pleasure factor.

We feel happy now when we can express our love and appreciation for our loved ones, family and friends, with authentic feelings and passion. Celebrate your love, of yourself and others. Treat yourself and your loved ones to something special, a special treat, or through the language of love. Speak to others with more caring, passion, and love, creating an environment of love, peace and harmony. We can tap into this exuberant energy to feel good and uplift ourselves and others.

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.” – Buddhist saying.

Mars conjunct the North Node of fate is exerting a strong magnetic pull to our soul’s path and purpose and illuminating the path ahead infusing us with a sense that all things are possible especially when we are able to fully embrace the gift of this Full Moon, one of self-love, helping us to release all that is NOT love. Remember your, energy, time, self-respect and boundaries are holy and sacred.

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. It’s time to fall in love with YOU.

Mars conjunct the North Node of fate is empowering us to take control of our lives and destiny. Synchronicities are strong now and fated meetings, especially in Love and people who can help you with your life’s goals.

It’s time to take back your power and to take charge of your life and focus on the direction you want to go and create the life that you love!

We can no longer let our fears choose our destiny.

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces strengthens our vision and intuition. This is a combination that may have at times left us feeling lost, confused and with little sense of direction recently. Mars conjunct the North Node can now restore our sense of purpose, motivation and direction. And by trusting our inner compass we can make a real breakthrough as we tap into a deeper knowing of our soul’s wisdom and revolutionise our lives accordingly.

Aries is the courageous warrior who has a strong sense of freedom and individuality, therefore making any constraints or limitation feel unbearable. There is a chance for a radical shift in perception and a need to break out of old ways and patterns of behaviour, thinking and limitations with the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries. We are no longer willing to play it small. There is a huge urge to expand and grow beyond our limitations within and without, as we evolve and develop to the next level of our journey.

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.”Albert Einstein

We will find that we are strengthened by resolve, confidence and optimism, making it so much easier for us to make decisive decisions and to heal and let go of everything that has been painful or has been blocking our path forwards as Saturn in Aquarius is in positive aspect to Mars and the Full Moon.

Everything is larger than life right now and so are your possibilities, providing we adhere to the principles of self-love and stay true to ourselves and to our own special uniqueness, ideas and inspiration, that will help us to envision and forge the path ahead.

This is the secret to unlocking the power and success that lies within this Full Moon.

We have the chance, especially now, to unlock this potential as Mars conjunct North Node can be a catalyst to set us off onto a new, exciting and life-changing path.

It’s time now, to forgive and release the past. And to look forward and positively towards this new and exciting chapter in our life, that will bring us to better and higher levels of being, loving and relating.

We can now become aware of just how great our personal power is and where it lies. We have an opportunity now to correct any imbalance of our personal power, especially if we have been giving it away.

Now’s the time to celebrate your greatness, rise up and reclaim your power.

Many on a subconscious level are afraid of unleashing and even denying the existence of their personal power, often afraid of not fitting in, being accepted and loved.

We may well become aware now, of just how often we have been giving our power away and how much this has held us back in the past.

We can break through our inner resistance and unleash our inner greatness!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”-Marianne Williamson

Vivienne Micallef-browne

Photo by Empower Astrology.


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