New Moon in Capricorn, 12/13th January 2021. (R)evolution!

New Moon in Capricorn 12/13th January 2021 at 23 degrees. (R)evolution!

Powerful revolutionary and evolutionary forces are brewing at this New Moon and are creating a storm, that serves as a catalyst to break with the shackles of the past, as we stand between two worlds, the dying old and the emerging new. Our world around us is being deeply transformed as so too are we.

Pluto conjunct the Moon is exposing the shadow side on a personal and collective level so that all can be purged that is toxic.

Extreme radical and revolutionary planetary alignments are happening all at the same time, edging us out of our comfort zones, making resistance futile, as the revolutionary energies of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are ringing in the new progressive age. Now joined by Mercury in Aquarius, together they are freeing up and paving the way ahead, of all that is stagnant and toxic as they pit against Mars and Uranus in Taurus.

Shaking up the unshakeable and removing the unmovable until the 24th January when Mars passes through the storm. Peaking on the 20th January when Mars conjoins Uranus and then makes a tense aspect to Jupiter on the 22nd. January.

Like wild horses that can no longer be restrained, the current energies are powerfully stirring up our life force and our desire for freedom. We have a unique chance now, to see things from an entirely new perspective, helping us to identify how and why we have been stuck, finally enabling us to break through the chains of fear, negativity and stagnation. We can use these energies as a catalyst to initiate change and expansion in our lives.

We can let the power of this energy lend us the wings that we lack.

It’s time to leave the past behind and reinvent yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness and your individuality. It’s all part of the plan of the great conjunction and Uranus in Taurus, to shake us up out of our comfort zones. It’s important to stay flexible, open to new ideas and prepare to think out of the box. The freedom to evolve and be yourself in all things and will take priority.

Much will change and become uprooted until Mars enters Gemini on the 3rd of March as the old dismantles and the new begins to take form.

Mercury in Aquarius gives us the power of self-awareness and therefore more emotional intelligence, helping us to detach from and release, toxic thoughts and emotional patterns.

True freedom is freedom that comes from within.

We awaken to the parts of ourselves that have been defined by society and the expectations of others. We learn to recognise what no longer aligns to our true heart’s desire. All of which leads to a feeling of empowerment and knowing that we alone can take destiny into our own hands and determine the path ahead.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”- Tuli Kupferberg

This is nothing short of an inner and outer revolution and awakening on a personal and global level.

Jupiter and Saturn will bring on a time of opportunity and growth throughout 2021. Saturn will stay in the sign of Aquarius for the next three years and during this time will build strong new foundations and new structures for the new age, while Jupiter in Aquarius will sow the seeds of good fortune, optimism and expansion during his one year stay in Aquarius.

At the same time, we will see a revolutionary quality to 2021, as Uranus in Taurus will make three challenging aspects to Saturn in Feb, June and December. We can expect to see more demonstrations and disruptions worldwide, as people are no longer prepared to be repressed and accept massive inequality. Democracy, freedom and fairness are no longer being taken for granted and is a fight worth fighting for, as Pluto in Capricorn is still purging and bringing to light, the corruption and greed that prevails throughout our governments, societies and big corporations.

Pluto rules evolution and transformation, the very essence and meaning of life. Everything is made up of energy, of movement. Nothing is static in this world, not even the universe. Everything is in a state of perpetual motion and expansion. We will effortlessly be able to flow with the magic of transformation in our lives instead of resisting change.

Pluto is working on transforming our personal and collective shadow, and the task is to bring those repressed parts that are weak and undeveloped into full awareness so that they are faced and integrated into the personality. Individuals with overblown egos who project their shadow side onto others will come up against a wall as this combination will hold a mirror right back, forcing them to own their shadow side and to grow beyond it and evolve.

Pluto conjunct the Moon encourages us to look deeper and shine a light into the shadows.

Let’s transform one another with truth.

We can come to understand and unlock the power of our subconscious mind, as Pluto rules all that is hidden, within and without. Psychology, the esoteric and other tools that help you gain more self-knowledge, will unlock enormous internal resources, strength, and power. By integrating our subconscious (shadow) side with the conscious, we become whole and empowered as Pluto shines a light onto any self-sabotaging and self-defeating pattern. We can reclaim our power and harness the power and force within.

The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt and rearrange the pieces.

We have the chance to take our power and our inner and emotional strength, to an even higher level than before. We will find it easier now to heal and let go of past hurts, fears, and resentments that have been holding us back from living our true potential.

We can find long-lasting inner peace, by letting go and trusting in the transformative process of life that Pluto teaches, and so find the way to enlightenment and inner peace and to awaken to a new yearning, for not just physical and materialistic nourishment, but spiritual as well.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Photo Empowerastrology


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