Saturn in Capricorn changes signs into Aquarius on the 17th December 2020. The road ahead is much lighter now.

Saturn in Capricorn changes signs into Aquarius on the 17th December 2020. The road ahead is much lighter now.

It’s a time of celebration as Saturn in Capricorn’s, often testing and difficult lessons of the last three years have come to an end. We are stepping up onto a higher consciousness and evolutionary level and we can now look back and reflect upon all that we have learned and feel a sense of pride of just how far we have come.

Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn has been a particularly difficult time, that culminated in January 2020 when Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn joined together at the same degree. We have been on a journey of deep transformation and rapid evolution, personally and collectively.

Saturn is the wise but strict teacher, the lord of karma who reminds us that our time and energy on planet earth is limited. He is the timekeeper of our soul’s journey and our soul’s plan. He is the big hand on our ticking karmic clock that sets the karmic clock in motion, triggering our next important lesson to be learnt, so that we can evolve. Some of Saturn’s most important lessons are ones of self-mastery, maturity and responsibility. Saturn requires that we put in the work and effort within and without, face reality and our fears.

Do not let your fears choose your destiny.

Saturn has taught us the need for healthy boundaries and the need for limitation in any extreme behaviour. He has asked us to let go of any self-limiting beliefs, lack of self-worth and self-love.

When we practice self-love, healthy boundaries come naturally.

The emotional foundation upon we stand, has become much stronger, our wisdom and self-love have grown so that we can navigate our way through life’s challenges with greater ease. Better than before, we can hold the light in the darkness to help others find their way.

Where have you gained more wisdom in your life, especially around issues of deeply ingrained emotional patterns that you may have repeated time and time again?

In what areas do you feel more emotionally secure within yourself and how have you learned to set healthier boundaries?

Saturn also rewards accordingly to how well we have learned our Saturn lessons these past three years and have put in the hard work and perseverance. As much as Saturn often stretches our limits in lessons of maturity, responsibility, discipline and commitment, he also has the power to reward like no other planet at the end of his transit, not just on a materialistic level, but on an emotional and spiritual level, that enables us to have more gratitude, happiness and (inner) peace in our lives.

Saturn has called upon us to be more ambitious, to take better, more deliberate aim, and to accomplish something of true and lasting significance. Within and without, as we have been building stronger emotional resilience. Although we are collectively still being tested with Covid- 19 as we enter the coming Winter season, we will find our inner strength, resilience and coping mechanisms are stronger than ever.

There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, when on the 21st of December 2020 both Saturn and Jupiter meet together at 0 degrees in the much lighter and progressive energy of Aquarius, that promises a new three year period, one of hope and optimism as we find personally and collectively solutions to old problems through innovative ideas and humanitarian ideals. It is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius that will become our new paradigm, as Pluto leaves Capricorn in January 2024 and enters Aquarius for a 24 year period until 2044.

The horizons ahead look much lighter and brighter. We can indeed be optimistic, as perhaps some of the most difficult planetary alignments of our lifetime are coming to an end, accelerating our souls evolution during this time, perhaps one of the most intensive periods of our lives.

It’s a turning point, leaving the old way of being behind and opening the doors to new beginnings and our true destiny and fate as Saturn in Capricorn enters its last phase of completion and self-mastery representing the ending of an important cycle. The wheel of karma is turning now, opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change and opportunities.The next time Saturn will be in Capricorn is in 2047.

We can allow a sense of gratitude for the lessons learnt these past three years. We have been releasing and healing relationships, addictions and delusions these past three years that are no longer serving our highest purpose and good. Enabling us to live from our true authentic self, from a deep soul level. Trusting and moving away from fear. Helping us to heal and forgive past hurts and feelings of low esteem and self-worth that are ultimately blocking our path to true love, happiness and abundance that has been keeping us stuck in karmic negative relationship patterns, perhaps even over lifetimes.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”-Rumi

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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  1. Nate Weldon says:

    Thank you Vivienne, always enjoy your writing / readings!

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    1. Thank you Nate, hope you are well. Sending love ❤️


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