Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius,14th December 2020. A Quantum Leap.

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 14th December 2020 at 23 degrees. A Quantum Leap.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is like no other, as it takes place just one week before one of the biggest shifts of the century when Jupiter and Saturn meet together in the sign of Aquarius at 0 degrees on the 21st of December. An event that will usher us into a new age.

A Total Solar Eclipse is in itself a huge event, but this one resembles nothing less than a quantum leap on a collective and personal level.

Eclipses are doorways, quantum choice points and this one, in particular, signifies the closing of one door and the opening of a new. Not just the beginning of a new chapter, but a New Age. What we hold in our thoughts and intentions at this time will reverberate throughout time, space and all dimensions.

It contains a tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives. It is a zero-point of potential – a time out of time – with unknown wild-card outcomes.

Sagittarius and the ruling planet of Jupiter, bring expansion, optimism and good fortune. This Solar Eclipse is blessed with mainly positive aspects. Jupiter in Capricorn makes a positive aspect to Venus in Scorpio, particularly powerful because both are at the same degree. It’s a combination that promises abundance and joy of all Venus-ruled matters in love, relationships, creative endeavors and finances. Eclipses are a fated time, so pay attention to people you meet before and after the eclipse as synchronicities are working especially strongly now.

Jupiter is amplifying the passionate nature of Venus in Scorpio. Passion is the fuel of the soul and the source of our sense of meaning, purpose, and happiness. There will be a greater desire to follow your passion.

Material, spiritual, creative abundance or taking steps to procure it is available to us, especially if we are aware of what we have to give.

The increased creative energy will help expand our powers of attraction through an increased magnetic power of thought and visualisation. Jupiter and Sagittarius help you to dream big, and Venus in Scorpio the sign of great charisma and magnetism helps you to attract and manifest your dreams into reality.

On the material level, Jupiter brings fortune and opportunities and expands everything he touches, while Venus in Scorpio rules wealth and finance. Our chances of obtaining and expanding our financial potential are a real possibility.

Mars in Aries makes an equally positive aspect to the Eclipse in Sagittarius, both fire signs, the power of this combination fuel the possibilities to make a quantum leap, giving us the courage, faith and optimism we need, to face any fears or challenges head-on.

It’s about expanding out of and breaking free from your limitations. Living out your true hearts desires and purpose that are on the other side of fear. Finding our inspiration and joy, awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible. A strong message at this Eclipse is, in order to embrace life fully, we need to stay open-hearted.

This powerful energy is quite the opposite to the restricting limiting energies of Saturn in Capricorn, now at the master degree of 29, the degree of completion and self-mastery, it represents the ending of an important cycle. We are standing between two worlds—the dying old and the emerging of the new. Mars in Aries together with the solar Eclipse in Sagittarius are pushing the limitations within and without that are blocking our path to freedom and growth. Freedom of self-expression is of utmost importance now.

We no longer have time for small, mindedness, drama, untruths, or being defined by others expectations and opinions. We will find that we have outgrown people, habits and patterns of behavior that no longer serve our highest good.

The Eclipse takes place on the karmic South Node that urges us to integrate the positive themes ruled by Sagittarius and leave the negatives behind, so that we can evolve collectively and personally, such as seeking wisdom through breadth of vision, expanded consciousness and having the ability to see through the eyes of the other with empathy, as opposed to dogmatism and blind faith. And by living according to our personal truths and principles, and being loyal to these.

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.”― C.G. Jung

Close to the South Node, it is a sensitive karmic turning point in time, that has the power to open a portal to your inner inspiration, wisdom, dreams and intuition, revealing your next crucial step on your life path destiny. Sudden revelations can become apparent, illuminating the road to new pathways of possibilities and opening new doors that you never thought possible or believed yourself capable of achieving before. They can create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

Take time out at the Solar Eclipse to listen to your inner voice and intuition as the North Node of fate exerts a strong magnetic pull to your higher calling and purpose.

The power of envisioning, believing and creating opens the gateway to let miracles in.

The Lunar Nodes in a tense aspect to Neptune in Pisces marks both an ending to our delusions and an awakening to our real possibilities. We now have the power to turn our dreams into reality. The Solar Eclipse is infusing our consciousness with inspiration, spiritual creativity and has the power to make miracles happen.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”- Albert Einstein

Neptune in Pisces signals that we are at a crossroads personally and collectively. We need to heal division and feelings of separateness within, in our relationships and strive for a better sense of unity and inclusiveness of all Humanity and nature.

It’s a reset, allowing humanity to stitch a new garment. One that fits all of humanity and our Planet Earth.

Sagittarius, the adventurer, inspired by breadth of vision, aims his bow high. It’s time to reach your highest potential and set your goals and visions high. The fire sign of Sagittarius blazes a courageous trail towards the unknown and illuminates his path ahead through inspiration.

Aim for the Moon, if you miss you may hit a Star

We can feel a sense of restlessness and the urge for adventure, (re)awakening our sense of wonder. It’s about dreaming and imagining, but also having the courage to chase our dreams, as Mars in the courageous sign of Aries spurs us on.

Eclipses can uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, very rapidly. It’s destiny, putting you onto the right path and if necessary making a course correction.

While the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini has illuminated something within us to help us evolve emotionally, the Solar Eclipse by contrast is dynamic, urging us to take action and can uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving, as any blocks within or without preventing us to take positive action, can suddenly become clear in our consciousness which we can overcome with greater ease. We feel the evolutionary urge to embrace change. Reigniting our desire to move forward and succeed, through courage, enthusiasm and leadership.

We awaken to the parts of ourselves that have been defined by society and the expectations of others. We learn to recognise what no longer aligns to our true heart’s desire.

We have become the stories we tell ourselves and now its time to rewrite them.

“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?”-Scott Turow, Ordinary Heroes

We are being pushed at rapid speed along our evolutionary path as the Eclipse reminds us that nothing is static in this world, not even the universe. Everything is in a state of perpetual motion and expansion. And ultimately we are being guided towards a higher conscious state, higher forms of love and happiness in our lives.

As Saturn changes signs on the 17th of December from Capricorn into Aquarius, we will a feel lighter, brighter energy as the heaviness of Saturn in Capricorn begins to lift. Just days before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius we can feel a sense of a strong revolutionary energy within, inspiring a greater need for freedom and new ways of thinking that enable us to stay true to our own uniqueness and individuality, acting in line with our highest ideals.

“You belong among the wildflowers; you belong in a boat out at sea…You belong with your love on your arm; you belong somewhere you feel free.” ~ Tom Petty

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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