Super Full Moon in Capricorn 13th July 2022. You Had The Power All Along.

Super Full Moon in Capricorn 13th July 2022 at 21 degrees. You Had The Power All Along.

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is the largest Full Moon of the year, deeply empowering, conjoined to Pluto, we can reclaim our lost power to heal, see the truth and take control over our lives and destiny. 

Uranus in Taurus conjoined to the North Node of fate, our guiding north star, is a rare alignment that last took place in April 2007 and is in a positive alignment to the Full Moon.

It’s one of those rare chances and turning points in our lives that can set us upon a new, exciting path, awakening us to take back our power, take charge of our lives and focus on the direction we want to go in, so that we can create the life that we love!

Transformation, reclaiming our power and living from our soul’s true desires are at the heart of all things now.

The wheel of karma is turning, from now and throughout the month of August, Uranus together with the North Node, opens up a powerful energetic window for positive change and surprising opportunities that has the potential to change the course of your life. 

Taking the initiative to embrace new opportunities and change will feel easier during the last week of July and the first week of August, when Mars in Taurus joins Uranus and the North Node (exact on the 1st August). This is dynamic energy, urging us to take action. It can take us by surprise, and get us moving, as any blocks within or without that have been preventing us to take positive action, can suddenly become clear in our consciousness, so allowing us to overcome difficulties with greater ease.

We will feel the evolutionary urge to embrace change. Reigniting our desire to move forward and succeed, through courage, enthusiasm and leadership.

We can no longer let our fears choose our destiny.

Uranus awakens us to the parts of ourselves that have been defined by society and the expectations of others. We learn to recognize what no longer aligns to our true heart’s desire. All of which leads to a feeling of empowerment and knowing that we alone can take destiny into our own hands and determine the path ahead.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”- Tuli Kupferberg

Uranus reminds us that we are here to grow and evolve beyond all limitations within and without and to express the infinitely magnificent being that you are, that can never be put in a box, category, or kept small.

Its a time to reinvent yourself, to live your best life and live the life you have evolved for.

Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, conjoined to the Sun in the intuitive sign of Cancer, shine brightly onto the Full Moon and Pluto in opposition, illuminating something deep within us to help us evolve emotionally. Something can suddenly be revealed, an epiphany, a moment of sudden and great revelation or realizations that can take us by surprise. Brilliant insights and clarity of mind are possible; that help you to KNOW simply which path and move to make, helping us to make out the path ahead.

A defining gift emerges from this Full Moon, an awakened awareness of the power of choice that we possess, empowerment, the power of self-knowledge and the importance of living authentically.

Pluto rules evolution and transformation, the very essence and meaning of life. Everything is made up of energy, of movement. Nothing is static in this world, not even the universe. Everything is in a state of perpetual motion and expansion. We will effortlessly be able to flow with the magic of transformation in our lives instead of resisting change.

Pluto in Capricorn is transforming our personal and collective shadow, and the task is to bring those repressed parts that are weak and undeveloped into full awareness so that they are faced and integrated into the personality. Individuals who project their shadow side onto others will come up against a wall as this combination will hold a mirror right back, forcing them to own their shadow side and to grow beyond it and evolve.

Pluto conjunct the Full Moon happens maximal once during the space of one year and encourages us to look deeper and shine a light into the shadows.

Let’s transform one another with truth.

We can come to understand and unlock the power of our subconscious mind, as Pluto rules all that is hidden, within and without. Psychology, the esoteric and other tools that help you gain more self-knowledge, can help to unlock enormous internal resources, strength, and power. By integrating our subconscious (shadow) side with the conscious, we become whole and empowered as Pluto shines a light onto any self-sabotaging and self-defeating pattern. We can reclaim our power and harness the power and force within.

The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt and rearrange the pieces.

We can find long-lasting inner peace, by letting go and trusting in the transformative process of life that Pluto teaches, and so find the way to enlightenment and inner peace and to awaken to a new yearning, for not just physical and materialistic nourishment, but spiritual as well.

There is deep wisdom to be found in the sign of Capricorn who is often referred to, as the wise old soul. We can unlock our deep inner wisdom now and step into our power by combing the truth within our hearts, spirit, mind, body and soul.

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”Charles Dickens

We are at a turning point, leaving the old way of being behind and opening the doors to new beginnings and our true destiny and fate. 

The Full Moon in the ambitious sign of Capricorn gives us the patience, dedication and drive to reach our goals. The Full Moon can help us to lay the foundation for long-lasting and stable future success.

We are being called upon to get more ambitious, to take better, more deliberate aim, and to accomplish something of true and lasting significance and to strengthen our emotional resilience with the ability to set healthy boundaries and to learn to recognize when you need to set them before an important line has been crossed. 

Neptune in Pisces in a flowing aspect helps us to Envision our life based on our true inner needs and desires and make the right decisions to procure them. To let go of the need for control and to trust the process and go with the flow and to let go of resistance to what you cannot change.

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.

The moment you learn to surrender and let go is the second you start to feel more in tune with who you are. 

We can free ourselves from emotional baggage and dysfunctional emotional patterns now and let go of any feelings of heaviness and feelings of burden and limitation that are being illuminated, so that we can acknowledge it and take action and responsibility for bringing more lightness into our lives.

We can now become aware of just how great our personal power is and where it lies. We have an opportunity now to correct any imbalance of our personal power, especially if we have been giving it away.

Celebrate your greatness, rise up and reclaim your power.

Many on a subconscious level are afraid of unleashing and even denying the existence of their personal power, often afraid of not fitting in, being accepted and loved. 

We may well become aware now, of just how often we have been giving our power away and how much this has held us back in the past.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”-Alice Walker

This Full Moon is about stepping into your power. To be who you truly are, deep down on a soul level and to unlock your inner wisdom .

“The greatest power that a human possesses is the power of pure love.”― Debasish Mridha

Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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