New Moon in Gemini and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries, 30th May 2022. Your Wings Are Ready!

New Moon in Gemini at 9 degrees and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries, 30th May 2022. Your Wings Are Ready!

The New Moon in Gemini, is exciting, positive and uplifting as the Sun and Moon in the air sign of Gemini are fanning the flames of Mars and Jupiter in the fire sign of Aries.

Its everything we need to take flight, with renewed optimism, energy and joy, since the past few weeks have been mainly dominated by so much water and earth energy.

Your wings are ready.

The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries is a fire starter as Jupiter expands the courageous warrior like energy of Mars. Over the next two weeks an abundance of energy, courage and initiative are available to us.

A catalyst to put new projects and even our new lives into action after many of us experienced a profound desire to make major changes during the last two eclipses

A rare alignment that we can take maximum advantage of as the last time Mars and Jupiter were conjunct in Aries was in April/May 2011.

Its a reactivation of our sense of adventure, joy and limitlessness potential as Mars and Jupiter make a literal powerhouse of energy and willpower available to us.

The New Moon is also conjunct the auspicious star of Aldebaran. One of only four Royal stars and known for the beginning of major new cycles that can elevate some into a position of fame, success and wealth on a material level. On a spiritual level Aldebaran is also known as the Buddha’s star, the Star of Illumination and to be a portal to the mysteries of the mind and heart.

This, combined with Mercury the ruler of the New Moon still retrograde, points to the chance of a real Epiphany and clarity concerning revelations and issues that arose during the recent eclipses, especially as Mercury retrograde in Taurus is exactly conjunct the fixed star of Algol as was the Sun during the Lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th May.

When Mercury turns direct on the 3rd June we will be able to move ahead with greater clarity and take full advantage of the exceptional energies available as the missing part of the puzzle begins to fall into place.

However, until then these energies can also feel highly strung as Mercury retrograde is putting the brakes temporarily onto these powerful energies and trying to get your attention. Use and harness the energies to finalize your plans and get clear about the direction you need to go in. What is the missing part of the puzzle you need to find as you prepare to break free and take flight ?

Just as the Butterfly emerges from the cocoon, we too are transitioning into a new emerging era into the light as we have been deeply transformed by the recent eclipses.

To take full flight and soar high, we need at first to release any last baggage that is weighing us down. It’s time to simplify our lives and travel light.

What heaviness do you still need to release so that you can feel lighter and reclaim your joy?

What have you liberated yourself from and what do you need to keep on releasing and letting go in order to move forward?

Saturn in Aquarius square Mercury, represents the need to free ourselves from our all too fixed ideas and to what we have been holding onto for too long. This can be negative thoughts, judgmental thinking, old habits or staying with people or in situations that we have out grown. Saturn in Aquarius teaches us the gift of seeing things from a brand new perspective, healthy boundaries and non-attachment

As we learn to practice non-attachment, we can accept what comes allowing it to leave when it’s time. Trusting that what’s meant for us will come to us effortlessly.

We may feel we are at a crossroad, a time to make a decisive decision with many options open to us as represented by the Gemini Moon. Saturn in Aquarius gets us to focus on and discern our true needs and desires, to find and speak our truth, consequently making decisions and taking action.

Saturn urges that we take responsibility for communicating our deep inner truth and integrity; our beliefs can no longer be ignored. We have to be committed to living them and expressing them. And to discern to what we want to be focused and committed too, or to what we are no longer prepared to commit. We may suddenly be confronted with the truth of a situation.

At this New Moon, take the time to reflect upon what you have been holding onto for too long and consciously work on releasing and letting go.

Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past – it’s about having the wisdom and strength to embrace the present and the person you have evolved too. 

We are granted at this New Moon with the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

We can learn more mindfulness and detachment through Saturn in Aquarius, the necessary tools needed for true personal, spiritual growth, happiness and self-knowledge. Enabling us to consciously make decisions that co-create a better future based on our true desires and our higher path.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”―Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.

Jupiter and Mars in Aries makes the coming weeks a wonderful time for new adventures, expanding our horizons, romance and joy. 

We can feel a sense of restlessness and the urge for adventure, (re)awakening our sense of wonder. It’s about dreaming and imagining, but also having the courage to chase our dreams. 

We can use these energies as a catalyst to initiate change, expansion, more joy and diversity in our lives. Pioneering and daring, you no longer have to wait for permission or validation from others.

We can become aware of how we have set self-imposed limitations upon ourselves and break free of them.

“The number of ways you can live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself? The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe is.”- Suzy Kassem

Gemini’s lightness of being is represented by the butterfly. The bright colours of the Butterfly are associated with aliveness and brightness. We can once again rediscover our inspiration and joy, awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible. And teaches us, that to embrace life fully, we need to stay open-hearted.

To experience joy we must first feel hope. The New Moon in Gemini is bringing hope, optimism, expansive vision and the power of visualisation as Neptune makes a positive aspect to Mercury.

What we imagine, we can create.

“If we fully realised the power of our thoughts it would make us take every thought captive – it is with our thoughts that we create. We are ‘Creators’ with unlimited power, hindered only by our limited beliefs fostered onto us as children. Our natural state of being is one of unlimited potential… Remember how as a child you felt you had the power to make the sun shine?”.-The Law of Manifestation and Creating our own Realities.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo/Video by Empower.Astrology.

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