Mars and Mercury in Scorpio and the Saturn-Uranus square, November 2021. It’s intense!

Mars and Mercury in Scorpio and the Saturn-Uranus square, November 2021. It’s intense!

We have intense passionate, and challenging energies right now, so many people around me have been feeling these challenging energies so strongly. Can you feel the intense almost palpable energy? And how have you been feeling since the last New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th of Nov?

Scorpio season is always intense but Mars the warrior planet in the intense and passionate sign of Scorpio at the same time as we have Scorpio season (last time was in 2006) is intensifying the energy, to the point of making this energy hard to control, especially as Mars is now forming an exact square (challenging aspect) to Saturn in Aquarius and is building up to an exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus on the 17th of November, just two days before the lunar eclipse in Taurus.

These are intense, passive-aggressive, volatile and explosive energies, initiating radical change and making our inner and outer truths known. The potential for arguments, frustration and conflict are high. Mars needs action and radical change as he triggers the Saturn-Uranus square that has been dominating the year of 2021.

We may feel as things are happening out of our control.

Mercury also now in Scorpio joining Mars gives us the need to express our inner passions, anger and hurt. It’s important that we do give our emotions expression as a way of healthy release, but in a constructive conscious way, otherwise, we (and others) can easily project our inner frustrations and anger, so it’s important not to let ourselves be triggered and be pulled into arguments and conflicts.

We need to be conscious about owning any repressed emotions that arise now, acknowledging, healing and taking action for change instead of projecting onto others.

The energy will slowly build more and more during the days leading up to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 19th of Nov, which will trigger greater emotional awareness especially as we might find ourselves at a major crossroads, helping us to decide the right course of action.

It’s important we try to detach a little from these intense and passionate energies so that we can consciously harness them to make great progress and breakthroughs rather than letting ourselves be pulled into destructive arguments and power struggles. Helping us to feel the feeling, but not become it.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”―Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

It would be wise to resist the urge to make hot-headed decisions, especially when made out of anger or blind passion as we may not yet have gained sight of the whole picture just yet. This is an intense two-week phase in both the positive and negative sense, depending on how we can channel this energy.

Any physical outlet is a great way of channelling these energies or any creative endeavour as a healthy channel of release.

As resistance meets radical progressive change, don’t let yourself be pulled into the storm, but use the energies to put real distance between anything that’s holding you back and create the new.

Mars in Scorpio is awakening our deeply buried desires and passion. The very fuel of our soul.

We will feel compelled to almost throw ourselves headfirst into anything that awakens our passions and desires. Like an irresistible pull from a potent magnet.

Mars is doing the work of digging up any buried blockages within our psyche so that we can make the changes needed so that nothing is standing in our way.

He is digging deep, discovering our long-buried passions and desires, perhaps buried for years under layers of fear, apathy and self-delusion

Peeling back the layers to reveal your truest self.

We are striking gold.

Mars in Scorpio excavates deep, getting to the truth of any matter, sudden insights and revelations that have been hidden from us, perhaps even for years, can become apparent giving us the potential to free ourselves from outdated beliefs, inner and outer constraints and self-imposed emotional bondage.

Uranus gives us the power of self-awareness, insight and therefore more emotional intelligence. We have a rare opportunity now, to be honest with ourselves and face our own inner truths and shadow, gaining deep insights into our own hidden subconscious mind, with a better understanding of how our own subconscious patterns of behaviour and thinking have been self-sabotaging as well as limiting our true potential.

A defining gift emerges from the intense energies of November, an awakened awareness of the power of choice that we possess, empowerment, the power of self-knowledge and the importance of living authentically.

Envisioning our life based on our true inner needs and desires and making the right decisions to procure them, so becomes part of our second nature, as so too, having the ability to set healthy boundaries and recognisingwhen you need to set them before an important line has been crossed. All of this can lead to the ultimate evolutionary state of enlightenment. For me, astrology is indeed one of the best tools for self-knowledge and understanding of others.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” –Carl Jung

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo/Video by Empower Astrology.

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