“I don’t want realism, I want magic. Magic” Neptune-Saturn square exact 10th September

vivenne liegh

“I don’t want realism, I want magic. Magic”

Neptune-Saturn square exact 10th September 2016.

The year long (since Oct 2015) current Saturn in Sagittarius-Neptune in Pisces square dilemma.

Saturn=Realism, Maturity, Responsibility, Material world, Mastering our talents, Discipline, Ambition, Focused, Building boundaries, Perseverance


Neptune=Dreams, Delusion, Fantasy, Creativity, Inspiration, Escapism, Spirituality, Lack of healthy boundaries, Confusion, Addictions, Empathy, Visions.

Trying to balance the two opposite qualities of both planets in our lives.

Do we have the qualities of too much Saturn or Neptune in our lives?

We cannot do without the qualities of one and not the other.

Otherwise, our dreams (Neptune ) are built on sand without (Saturn’s ) strong foundations built on realism, discipline, responsibility and perseverance.

Yet too much realism (Saturn) without inspiration, Creativity and vision will lead to a dull life that inevitably comes to a dead end road.

We need to take responsibility to turn our dreams into reality as well as discern reality from delusion, of self and others.

Brought to a head at yesterday’s Solar Eclipse 1st September and exactly square for the third and last time until 2033 on September the 10th.

Now is the time, when we can finally get the balance right between the two, as the Saturn-Neptune-Square is finally coming to its end phase.

Neptune is desolving Saturns inner protection walls where nessacary of fear, insecurity, delusion, denial etc against love so that we are READY for love when Jupiter arrives in Libra the sign of love and harmony.

Saturn is strengthing Neptune’s walls, building healthy boundaries where we have been all too ready to let people into our lives who’s main agenda is about getting their needs met first, as well as disrespectful abusive behaviour etc.
When we practice self-love, healthy boundaries come naturally.

During Jupiter’s year long stay in Libra until Oct 2017 we will have enough time and opportunities to practice our new found self-awareness and relationshop skills. We are now and will continue to get, better equiped than ever before, to live and practice happier and more successful relationships in our lives.

Let the real love in.

We will feel the effects begin to wane after September 10th as they separate for good towards the end of the year.

Photo of Hollywood legend Vivien Leigh

An extra update on the 4th September from my Facebook page, inspired by this video from Alicia Keys at the MTV music awards 2016:


This is an example how Neptune can dissolve boundaries and walls:

Break these walls!

The Saturn-Neptune square has the possibility to dissolve (Neptune) walls (Saturn).

We have an exact square coming up on the 10th September at 10 degrees.

In 1989 on the 9th November when Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn at 10 degrees (same degree as the upcoming square) Capricorn, the Berlin wall was opened, and later broke down, unifying Germany that had been separated since 40 years.

With Jupiter moving into Libra on the 9th September at 0 degrees(new beginnings ) in the sign of love, peace and harmony, it would be lovely if we experience something similar as back in 1989.

Since Saturn is in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, this could have more to do with a shift towards breaking down any inner protection walls against love and spirituality(Neptune)and prejudice against others who think differently or are different(Sagittarius )

As well as “caring a little more” with Neptune in Pisces (love for all) conjunct the south node of fate.

We all have this chance to dissolve walls that hold us back from love and peace, on or around the 10th September on a personal and politically global level ❤

Interestingly Alicia Keys has her ascendent at 9 degrees Sagittarius and is being directly affected by the Saturn -Neptune square.


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