Now is the time to take destiny into our own hands. Sun in Virgo conjunct the North Node of fate 4th September.


Now is the time to take destiny into our own hands. Sun in Virgo conjunct the North Node of fate 4th September.

The Sun, the giver of life, represents our conscious self, ego and our creative life force.

The North Node of fate represents our life path and purpose we need to aspire too, our soul path and mission.

After any sudden surprises or shake-ups we might have had at the last Solar Eclipse  on the 1st September, with the Sun conjunct the North Node, we can now consciously take our destiny and life path into our own hands, making any necessary adjustments that need to be made and steer on course to where we want and need to go too.

We now have the power to make the necessary changes that need to be made to achieve our goals in our relationships and in our lives.

The Sun in perfectionist Virgo conjunct the North Node, opposite Neptune (faith, visions) reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect; we just need to take a leap of faith and start taking the first small steps.

The Sun in opposition to Neptune and square Saturn, is asking us to step out of delusions and victim mentality and take responsibility to consciously co-create our own life path now.

The Sun in Virgo is helping us to perfect and improve our talents, gifts, and health.

With Pluto the planet of empowerment making a beneficial aspect to the Sun and North Node, the power is in our hands to steer our life into the direction we want it to go.

We need to make the most of the highly Empowering, creative and productive energies of Pluto trine the North Node now, as the North Node will seperate from this special union with Pluto in November.  The next time the North Node makes this powerful aspect (trine) will be in 2022.

We can begin to implement and reap the rewards that we began to sow in April / May during the Grand Earth trine and Jupiter conjunct the North Node in June.

The North Node will provide the necessary fated synchronicity to push us towards where we are meant to go.

The Universe is operating in such a way to support you, helping you to be the fullest expression of who you are, surrounding you with people and things to support you and your vision.

When you step outside your comfort zone for your higher purpose, the Universe supports you in every way.

The ruler of the Sun, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. Bestowing us with inner wisdom, optimism and vision. Helping us to see the bigger picture and think and dream “big”.And can very possibly bring us long awaited good news.

Currently in retrograde  until the 22nd September, you can trust your inner wisdom and intuition. Deep healing can be found during this retrograde phase, as Mercury and Jupiter are in opposition to Chiron in Pisces, the Shaman and wounded healer.

Meetings with people from our past can feel especially fated, bestowed with joy and happiness from Jupiter. As well as a good chance of healing any conflicts or differences.

The earthiness of this sign gives the grounded vision necessary to turn dreams into reality.

Jupiter is expanding our consciousness and our hearts.

We are being offered a vantage point that allows us to see both where we are headed and where we came from simultaneously.

The Sun in Virgo conjunct the North Node is pushing us to manifest our destined life path, talents, potentials, and our purpose. Manifesting our talents to benefit ourselves and others.There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling when you start walking in the gifts and talents you have been given.

With Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in powerful aspect, as well as finding ourselves in between two Eclipses in September, this makes for a very powerful time. We can achieve almost anything we put our mind too. Optimism and confidence are very high while having enough physical energy and endurance to push our efforts through to completion.

With Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Virgo, we are now able to have a broader view of our situation combined with listening to our intuition giving us an uncanny sense of what the future will bring.
We can now begin to put ideas and plans into motion with confidence. The full manifestation culminating at the end of the month in a New Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter after the second eclipse and Mercury out of retrograde.

We will find support for our ventures and a wealth of hidden resources, with the potential to attract good luck and promising opportunities to expand our projects, gaining more power and influence.

Pushing the limits is easier now, and you can extend your influence much farther than ever before. When you know your destination, we can demonstrate an unwavering determination to arrive there.

No matter what the difficulties, we can overcome whatever is in our path, trusting in what is positive regardless of conditions. This period can reawaken your faith in the best that life and you have to offer.

“”You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making”.”
– Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

We now have the chance to own our power.

Any issues of insecurities and self- esteem can get a major boost of confidence right now.

Now’s the time to take destiny into your own hands.

To make things happen, working towards making dreams true.


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