A day to celebrate! Jupiter arrives in Libra 9th September.


A day to celebrate! Jupiter arrives in Libra 9th September.

After 12 years Jupiter arrives back in Venus-ruled Libra today!

Jupiter’s 13 month’s stay in Libra from 9th September 2016 to October 2017 means MORE:


Sounds good?

It is!

We will begin to feel the full effects especially strongly, from the 22nd September when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Libra and the Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde has come to an end.

Culminating on the 30th September when the New Moon in Libra conjuncts both Jupiter and the Sun in Libra.

We have been preparing for Jupiter’s stay in Libra since April until July this year, as Venus was unusually in a long conjunction and in close proximity to the Sun. As well as the Luna Eclipse in Libra last March 23rd, which you can read here:Lunar Eclipse in Libra, 23rd March.

Bringing our desire for love and better relationships to the fore. With many having already met the “special one” and many more will have a big chance to, during the Jupiter in Libra one year stay.

Since almost one year the Saturn-Neptune-Square has been with us and is exact for the 3rd and last time until 2033 tomorrow on the 10th September.
The message is loud and clear for us to end any delusions, fear and old out-dated patterns of behaviour in Love, so we can EMBRACE the Jupiter in Libra phase for a better and NEW improved way of relating and stepping up to a new paradigm in Love and relationships.
And bring our relationships new or old to the next level.

We are now better equipped than ever before in our ability to love in a healthy way and to ultimately embrace more happiness, peace and joy.

So it’s a good time to take stock in all we have learned since the Luna Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd March and before we come full circle at the next Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on the 16th September, regarding our new found and better relationship skills, so we can now put them fully into practice during the Jupiter in Libra phase.

Use the Very beneficial Mercury in Virgo retrograde which is still conjunct Jupiter, to review and integrate all of our lessons learned in love since the Luna Eclipse in Libra (reading my article on the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, from the 23rd March might help for reminders of those themes) that started a 6 months growth and learning phase until the Luna Eclipse on the 16th September 2016 which will transport us to new higher emotional levels of happiness.

More to follow in my upcoming article on Jupiter in Libra.

Photo: Holi Festival Of Colours in India.


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