New Moon in Libra, 25th September 2022. Radical Love!

This New Moon in Libra has all the ingredients for a fresh new start in love and in all our relationships. Exciting and passionate, in opposition to fiery Jupiter in Aries, it could be the beginning of a beautiful love story to a significant other or even to YOURSELF!Dare to speak your mind in love, state your needs, follow your passion and go after what you want!

New Moon in Aquarius, 1st February 2022. Breaking Free!

Powerful revolutionary and evolutionary forces are brewing at this New Moon, stirring up our life force and our desire for freedom, that serves as a catalyst to break with the shackles of the past. The Saturn-Uranus square that has been dominating the astrology of 2021, calling for radical change, awakening and reinvention, makes one last powerful aspect at this New Moon. Although no longer exact, this challenging aspect calls for any last changes to be made that have kept us stuck and stagnant. 

Super Full Moon in Scorpio, 26/27th April 2021. Transformation and Enlightenment.

This Super Full Moon in Scorpio is currently at its closest to Earth and therefore extra potent and is also a once in a year very special lunation. For over two thousand years, it has been celebrated as marking the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha, said to be the first human to attain enlightenment and then teach the truths that show all Human Beings how to transcend suffering.