New Moon in Leo and Lions Gate Portal, 8th August 2021. A Gateway to your dreams, reach for the stars.

New Moon in Leo and Lions Gate Portal at 16 degrees, 8th August 2021. A Gateway to your dreams, reach for the stars.

This New Moon in Leo is an exciting cosmic rare event, not only taking place on the same day as the auspicious star Sirius activates the Lions Portal, but we also have a fateful and karmic Yod formation also called the “finger of God”.

It’s a time that contains tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives. It is a zero-point of potential – a time out of time – with unknown wild-card outcomes and permutations of reality waiting to be seized.

Something truly amazing is taking place at this New Moon in Leo. It’s not just that a new positive cycle is being initiated, but we are also at the midpoint of two consecutive Full Moons in Aquarius, the next one, a Blue Moon, taking place on the 22nd of August.

Much is changing and shifting during this “in-between” period . A time that initiates a new cycle that holds the potential to change your life dramatically and quickly for the better. It’s a path opener, culminating at the next Blue Moon in Aquarius. We are literally being ushered at full speed and force into a whole new way of thinking, living and lifestyle, that is infused with positivity, of all things Leo.

This is a gift from the universe that enables us to wipe the slate clean and step into our power.

Events that take place leading up to the Blue Moon in Aquarius can help you to manifest and bring to fruition a long-held dream or can mean a fresh new start that brings you greater freedom and helps you to live more authentically.

The New Moon in Leo, is opening a window of great opportunity as Sirius, one of the brightest stars, after a disappearance on August 8th, returns to the night sky – a moment that was revered and celebrated by many ancient civilisations (like the Ancient Egyptians) as the Lions Gate portal is activated. A time celebrated throughout millennium for bestowing good fortune, prosperity, honour/fame and abundance.

The Lion’s Gate opens every year around July 26th, a powerful Star power energy is activated, reaching its peak on August 8th (8/8) and stays open until about August 12th.

Your Star Power is being activated. You are a shining star, surround yourself with people who support you to shine in your brilliance and not with those who dim your light.

New Moons are a time for rebirth. The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy aligns with the heart center re-birthing of the Leo qualities within us. Ones of courage, joy, creative expression and sovereignty. Dare to put yourself in the spotlight.

It’s a time where we may be faced with releasing whatever isn’t serving our highest and best evolution. Whether that’s toxic relationships, outdated ways of thinking, or self-sabotaging behaviour. A reinvention point. The time is now.

This period marks an immensely significant time that is positive in so many ways, in the sign of Leo, our quality of life can dramatically improve, as well as developing our sense of self, self-will, personal power and feeling proud of who we are. This is heart-opening energy.

The Sun and Moon, conjoined in Leo are urging us to explore our hearts and brings warmth and light, to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in. We will be infused with the qualities of the fire sign of Leo which is, forceful, magnetic, generous, impulsive and has a strong and ardent desire to be loved and to give love.

Leo is moved through the heart rather than through reason. Like the lion, Leo is commanding, resolute, courageous, and high-spirited, sometimes boastfully asserting his superiority. Leo’s warmth and kindness are of the type which a good king has towards his subjects.

The spotlight is now focused on those areas of our lives that need more abundance, success, happiness and joy. This is a cosmic green light to enjoy the good life, to be creative, joyful and have fun, like the internal inner child within us, that Leo represents.

Believe in yourself and in your infinite Star Power and potential.

Another major feature of the New Moon is that Mercury currently conjoined to the New Moon and in opposition to Jupiter, while forming a very auspicious Yod or “finger of God” aspect with Pluto and Neptune.

This can signalise that we are faced with making an important decision that has a dramatic effect on our lives. A decision that can help to unchain our hearts. A karmic turning point that can help to crown our hopes, dreams and plans with success.

A “finger of God” aspect is a balancing out of karma, many will be elevated into a higher realm on a spiritual and materialistic level, dramatically improving our well being and quality of life.

This can feel like destiny calling and can be a huge catalyst for major changes within and without.

A Yod represents a special task or mission in life that we feel compelled to undertake. It is a karmic readjustment.

The Yod is a powerful circuit that puts intense pressure on the planet at the top in this case Mercury, demanding release like an arrow shot from a bow.

We can feel as if we are driven by forces that seem beyond our control. Suddenly becoming aware of our great reservoirs of talent that are just within reach. Awakening the feeling of our special purpose in life, our passions, desires and lust for life.

The Yod is driving us to discover our deeply buried desires and passion. The very fuel of our soul.

We will feel compelled to almost throw ourselves headfirst into anything that awakens our passions and desires. Like an irresistible pull from a potent magnet.

Discovering our long-buried passions and desires, that may be buried under layers of fear, apathy and self-delusion and igniting the passion of our souls once again.

Peeling back the layers to reveal your truest self.

We are striking gold, finding the treasure trove buried deep within our hearts.

The Leo moon is activating the Saturn-Uranus square that can feel like a revolutionary awakening, igniting a real lust for life, with a real need for authenticity and breaking free. There can be an impulsive feeling of wanting to make up for lost time and needing to take action now.

There is a real drive to make any necessary changes needed so we can achieve our heart’s desire.

Stay open to what ever opportunities may come your way this month and go with it. Go with everything that excites your soul, even throwing caution to the wind. It could be the beginning of something wonderful. There is so much potential for magical, wonderful surprises this month.

We have every reason to celebrate, whatever our current situation may be, things will get better and lighter for us all.

We are finally turning the corner and entering a new paradigm. Raising our consciousness and vibration, with the power of love.

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.”— Marianne Williamson

Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Photo by Empower Astrology.

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