Mercury in Scorpio retrograde, Oct 13th to Nov 3rd 2020. All will be revealed.

Mercury in Scorpio retrograde at 11 degrees, October 13th to November 3rd 2020. All will be revealed.

As Mercury in Scorpio retrograde slows the active, externalised energy down and turns it inward, so to will we, have the desire to do the same. Helping the free flow and downloading of the universe’s wisdom. Take time out to reflect, meditate or write your thoughts and insights down, especially when you wake up in the morning as our waking mind is still connected through the open door to our subconscious mind and inner secrets.

We can gain deep insights into the root cause of any feelings of stagnation and frustration, as Mercury in Scorpio will help to transform our way of thinking and perspective on things, to help find new solutions for old problems. Ultimately helping us to lighten any unnecessary emotional baggage.

While the Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 3rd of November, Mercury will stay in the sign of Scorpio until the 1st of December giving us much opportunity to come to understand and unlock the power of our subconscious mind, as Scorpio rules all that is hidden, within and without. Psychology, the esoteric and other tools that help you gain more self-knowledge, will unlock enormous internal resources, strength, and power. By integrating our subconscious (shadow) side with the conscious, we become whole and empowered as the Mercury retrograde shines light onto any self-sabotaging and self-defeating pattern. We can reclaim our power and harness the power and force within.

The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt and rearrange the pieces.

It’s time to reclaim our power.

More than any other sign, Scorpio possesses the strongest potential for deep regeneration and renewal of mind, body and soul. Deeply transformational and empowering, we can connect within and access our inner power and strength.

At the beginning of this retrograde period, Uranus is in opposition to Mercury and we can suddenly receive flashes of insights and breakthroughs into deeper workings into our subconscious mind about where we are holding ourselves back and self-sabotaging.

The unexpected can happen, taking us by surprise in both positive and negative ways, and truths can suddenly be revealed. At the same time, Pluto is engaging in a hard aspect to Mars in Aries, so that the pressure is on and it’s best not to engage in power struggles.

That way you will come out on top of every situation by coming from a place of peace and compromise (Sun in Libra) and improving a situation for the better, while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Especially true when Mercury in Scorpio will retrograde into Libra the sign of relationships on October 27th until the 10th November, helping us to gain more insight, healing and understanding in matters of the heart. We will be looking for emotional depth and passion in our relationships. We have a chance to go deeper and strengthen emotional bonds. If something has been suppressed, it will, however, come up for healing.

We can have more love and more understanding as Scorpio, is the alchemist who turns everything into love.

All of our experiences have the potential to become richer, deeper and fulfilled. Scorpio instills in us a desire for truth, intimacy, and authenticity. Happiness will find a new meaning, one that is not based on shallow experiences that always stay on the surface. All of our relationships will benefit from a desire for deeper and more meaningful experiences. Staying in the safe, shallow end will no longer feel so satisfying, as Scorpios depths, a water sign, are deep and boundless. Our fears of true intimacy will melt away, as the desire to merge into the other and life’s experiences, becomes greater than our fear.

People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves

We have the chance to take our power and our inner and emotional strength, to an even higher level than before. We will find it easier now to heal and let go of past hurts, fears, and resentments that have been holding us back from living our true potential.

Mercury in Scorpio will bestow us with a strong inner knowing and intuition; we can tap into almost psychic capabilities.

You have the power to be your own healer, shaman, and psychologist. We can expand our knowledge especially in Scorpio ruled subjects that will ultimately become a tool to greater self-awareness and knowledge such as psychology, philosophy, astrology, spirituality, reincarnation, and hypnotherapy, which are all the realms of Scorpio.

We can find long-lasting inner peace, by letting go and trusting in the transformative process of life that Scorpio teaches, and so find the way to enlightenment and inner peace and to awaken to a new yearning, for not just physical and materialistic nourishment, but spiritual as well.

During this three week period, we could meet people, friends and lovers from the past, often Karmic connections that help to shed more light on unresolved issues, but equally helping us in some way, to materialise our potential future, by offering us opportunities and helpful insights.

Or it could be simply taking a trip down memory lane. Reconnecting with old friends and family, finding healing and joy in shared memories of the past.

We can combine mind with heart now. Working together in harmony. Solutions that you have been searching for can now become apparent. Making our hearts true desires known to us, as well as healing anything that might surface from the past that hasn’t been resolved.

To own our power and have true inner strength, that is unable to be manipulated or controlled by others, means to know your dark as well as light side, to know and face your inner weaknesses and fears, these are all our inner Demons, that when known, we can then transmute them into a higher form and energy.

We need to be courageous to be truthful with ourselves and others.

Not knowing our inner Demons and left suppressed in the subconscious, they can self-sabotage, be destructive to self and others. Like a volcano erupting uncontrolled in volatile times.

Or can become our weaknesses, leaving us wide open to manipulation, addictions, and unhealthy dependencies, which means ultimately giving our power and inner strength away.

No one can push our buttons if we are aware of them and have deactivated them.

We need to be especially aware right now as Pluto and Mars dominate much of the rest of the year in two hard aspects in October and December causing volatile energy. Challenging us to speak our truth, firmly, kindly, while setting healthy boundaries.

Pluto in Capricorn that rules traditional structures, governments and corporations, in aspect to Mars in Aries means we may well see certain truths that have been hidden from the public eye come to light during the next three to four weeks, that could make for shock revelations in a big way. Where there have been untruths, manipulation, misuse of power and deceit as well as suppressed anger, we will see much now revealed on a personal and collective level.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth” -Buddha

Over the next three weeks, themes around taking responsibility for our truths, ideas and opinions will play an important role. There is a push for us to take responsibility for communicating our deep inner truth and integrity; our beliefs can no longer be ignored. We have to be committed to living them and expressing them. And to discern to what we want to be focused and committed too, or to what we are no longer prepared to commit. We may suddenly be confronted with the truth of a situation.

Do you have space in your life to receive information from your own inner wisdom and to cultivate cosmic consciousness? Do your thoughts inspire feelings of faith, optimism and freedom? Are you overly attached to your version of “truth,” or overly adaptable to others’ ideas and opinions?

We have a rare opportunity now to be honest with ourselves and face our own inner truths, gaining deep insights into our own hidden subconscious mind, with a better understanding of how our own subconscious patterns of behavior and thinking have been self-sabotaging as well as limiting our true potential.

It’s a chance on a personal and global level to rid ourselves of all that is toxic in our lives, enabling us to live a healthier more authentic life, built on honesty and healthier emotional and behavioral patterns.

We can now free our minds from self-defeating thought patterns; rebooting and updating our mental and emotional bodies; adapting our everyday life to align with our deepest wisdom and highest vision. Prepare to download a new vision for your future and to move ahead with greater freedom and authenticity.

We will emerge wiser, stronger and with much more clarity, after this three-week period, with even more confidence and optimism about the path we are on, having harvested the gifts and offerings of the universe that are available to us to us now.

“If we fully realised the power of our thoughts it would make us take every thought captive – it is with our thoughts that we create. We are ‘Creators’ with unlimited power, hindered only by our limited beliefs fostered onto us as children. Our natural state of being is one of unlimited potential… Remember how as a child you felt you had the power to make the sun shine?”.-The Law of Manifestation and Creating our own Realities.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

Photo of Theda Bara in 1915.


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  1. Eli J. says:

    I am so very grateful for this post! It is so spot. on. It struck such a chord that I almost started crying while I was reading it. It was like a dagger was removed from my heart, and I could finally start to heal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    1. And thank you so much for this beautiful comment Eli J. Indeed Mercury in Scorpio retrograde can help to heal on a profoundly deep level. Blessings to you ❤️

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