Uranus in Aries direct, 2nd January 2018. The Match Igniting The Flame!


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The Match Igniting The Flame!

Uranus in Aries direct, 2nd January 2018, at 24 degrees.
Uranus has stationed to go direct! Ending a five-month retrograde period that slowed down and internalised Uranus’s energies.
Uranus is the awakener and we can feel like we are just emerging from a long sleep as the fog clears and we suddenly see things with perfect clarity.

It can feel like the switch suddenly being flipped on, as well as the match igniting the flame.

Uranus awakens everything it touches. Sudden insights, inspiration, even ideas of genius are possible now. It’s as if a light switch is turned on, one you didn’t even know was there. Sudden, abrupt, and immediate and without warning .A wake-up call.

It has the potential to stop you in your tracks and take you by surprise. This energy is unpredictable and we can have a sudden, inexplicable urge to break out and do something adventurous, daring and different.

Expect the unexpected from yourself and others.

There is an urge to break through any restraints from within or without that have been holding us back from our freedom. Now is the time for change.


In the fire sign of Aries, the urge to be pioneering and fiercely independent is huge. And a need for renewed excitement and adventure in our lives.

We may be experiencing sleepless nights now, irritability and feelings of  restlessness. Its time to do something extraordinary and break away from routine and channel the energy in a positive way.

Aries is the brave, self-confident, adventurous pioneer and Uranus the planet of change, revolution and surprise.

Our confidence, optimism, inspiration and creative inner spark will grow day by day now. We will loose our fear of the unknown and change.

Nothing can stop you now from reaching your dreams. We have a real sense now of the infinite possibilities and new horizons that lie ahead of us.

Aries is the leader, who has a healthy sense of ego and knows what he wants.

Any changes that we have been resisting out of fear or because we were putting others first, worrying what others may think, while trying to fulfill their idea of how we should be, will no longer have power over us.

All Planets will be direct from the 2nd January until the 8th March opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change, surprising opportunities and meetings in all areas of life including Love.

Adding extra power and dynamite  is Mars in Scorpio exactly square the North node of fate. Mars is also conjoined to Jupiter in Scorpio which expands the power of Mars even more. As Scorpio excavates deep, getting to the truth of any matter,  sudden insights and revelations that have been hidden from us, perhaps even for years, can become apparent giving us the potential to free ourselves from outdated beliefs, inner and outer constraints and self-imposed emotional bondage.

The tide is turning now on a personal and collective level. Indeed, on a political level right now, we are beginning to witness how belief systems built upon the flaky foundations of delusion, are beginning to fall apart.

Uranus will continue to be a powerful force until he changes signs on the 15th May 2018 into the sign of Taurus. Now only six degrees away from a tense aspect to Pluto until May 2018 we are likely to continue to witness revolutionary changes worldwide. Almost at the end of his seven year stay and Journey in the sign of Aries, he means to get down to business now and shake the cards up anew. the status quo of today could well be a completely different one in May, especially on the political level.

Uranus is the non-conformist, the individualist who thinks outside of the box.

We have a unique chance to see things from an entirely new perspective, helping us to identify how and why we have been stuck, finally enabling us to break through the chains of fear, negativity and stagnation.
It’s time to leave the past behind and reinvent yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness and your individuality.

We can use these energies as a catalyst to initiate change and expansion in our lives.

Our own needs are very much at the forefront, as Aries teaches us how a healthy ego and self-love must be at the core of all things, as this is the Hero’s journey. Courageously pioneering the way ahead, with fresh new beginnings and a renewed lust for life.

Aries symbolises the quest to express individuality, to assert willpower, and to create vitality for initiating new cycles of experience. Giving us focus, ambition and independent direction and points towards the pathway of our growth and individuation. It means you won’t be satisfied until you have truly tasted the freedom to be yourself.

The fire sign of Aries is the archetype of the Warrior hero taking action. With Uranus in Aries, we become activated to overcome challenges and to initiate the new, through courage, enthusiasm, and leadership.
Destiny welcomes initiative and free will. It is our greatest gift if used correctly. The word courage comes from the root “cour” which means heart, center, or core.

Courage manifests when you fear the path ahead, but take the first step anyway, seizing the moment to pioneer vigorously into new frontiers of consciousness .

True freedom comes from within and most of all, this is an internal revolution.
“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” Marianne Williamson
Vivienne Micallef Browne



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  1. Rebecca Sakulku says:

    So glad that you posted this 🙂 I had a sudden feeling of Uranus yesterday (never think about Uranus) and its Aries energy. Defo much truth written here. Thanks ❤


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