Look closely now, truth, wisdom and clarity are looking right at you.Mercury retrograde 28th April.

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Look closely now, truth, wisdom and clarity are looking right at you.Mercury retrograde 28th April.

Mercury retrograde 2016 cycle starts on 28 April 2016 at 23° Taurus and ends on 22 May 2016 at 14° Taurus.

We need to pay close attention now and for the coming next three weeks, as the universe is bestowing us with an excellent chance to gain new insights and wisdom.

Mercury, the planet of rational thinking and communication brings clarity , helping us to make sense of what the current five planets in retrograde want to communicate to us. Deciphering their messages as Mercury joins the retrograde club of the big five. This is quite an event, as the last time we had five planets in retrograde together, was ten years ago.

Your inner voice and higher self, are speaking to you loud and clear. All we have to do is listen, which will be easier to do than usual, as the retrograde motion slows the active, externalised energy down and turns it inwards.

Mercury in Taurus feels quite comfortable with this energy as Taurus likes to take things slow and easy. And since Mercury will not be making any tense aspects during the three-week retrograde, this period shouldn’t have too many of the usual frustrations we can experience during a Mercury retrograde such as the breakdown in communication, misunderstandings and electronic devices going haywire.
Mercury is taking part in a very positive Grand Earth trine together with Jupiter and Pluto.Conversing together and wielding their power and magic, letting their secrets and wisdom be known to us.

Until one after the other, the five Retrograde Planets turns direct, when we will be putting our new found wisdom, strength and self-confidence into action.

Instead of fighting against the slower energy which will cause feelings of frustration, go with the flow, take time out to relax and reflect as much as possible.Finding that connection to your inner self and voice. Being around nature will be especially beneficial as all Planets in the Grand trine are are in the element of Earth. Helping the free flow and downloading of the universe’s wisdom.

We are being given a course in miracles, but it’s up to us if we want to attend the course and show up.

During this three week period, we could meet people and friends from the past, helping us in some way, to materialise our potential future, by offering us opportunities and helpful insights. Especially in all matters of Taurus, which governs finances, enterprises, property as well as creativity.

Or it could be simply taking a trip down memory lane. Reconnecting with old friends and family, finding healing and joy in shared memories of the past.

Jupiter and Pluto are bestowing mercury with an extra portion of good luck, prosperity, even fortune. And with the north node of fate conjunct Jupiter there is fate and good luck waiting to assist us, as well as synchronicities happening when you might at least expect it.
We can become so much clearer now about the path we are on and where corrections need to be made. To fulfil our heart’s desire and highest potential.

We can combine mind with heart now. Working together in harmony. Solutions that you have been searching for can now become apparent. Making our heart`s true desires known to us, as well as healing anything that might surface from the past that hasn’t been resolved.
Everything we now Sow, in hard work and effort, working towards building solid foundations as well as our inner emotional and spiritual work ,falls on especially fertile land that will come to fruition at the latest in September when all five Planets have turned direct.

Pluto in Capricorn will make sure we will be rewarded for our hard work, and Jupiter will make sure we will reap the benefits of our work bestowing us with an exceptional abundant harvest.

The Grand Earth trine and retrograde planets are a wonderful opportunity to find more inner peace and grounding.

We will emerge wiser, stronger and with much more clarity, after this three-week period, with even more confidence and optimism about the path we are on, having harvested the gifts and offerings of the universe that are available to us to us now.

“If we fully realised the power of our thoughts it would make us take every thought captive – it is with our thoughts that we create. We are ‘Creators’ with unlimited power, hindered only by our limited beliefs fostered onto us as children. Our natural state of being is one of unlimited potential… Remember how as a child you felt you had the power to make the sun shine?”.-The Law of Manifestation and Creating our own Realities.

Photo from the Film ” All the President’s Men” with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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