Venus in Leo 27th June until 21st of July 2021. It’s time to take center stage and shine!

It’s time to take center stage and shine! Venus in Leo 27th June until 21st of July.

When Venus enters the sign of Leo it’s time to put yourself in focus and just as the Sun the ruling Planet of Leo, does not orbit around other planets, we too need to stop orbiting around others and concentrate on cultivating a healthy ego and our own magnificence.

Our power of attraction is at its strongest when we shine. So shine and attract, what your heart desires. Whether it be love, happiness or good luck. We have the power now, to attract those things into our life.

Especially on the 13th of July when Venus meets up with Mars in Leo, sparks, passion and love can fly.

“I felt lit up, as if someone had reached into my heart and flipped an inner switch, turning me on, brighter.”–Aspen Matis

Leo’s were made to shine brightly with confidence and spread their loving vibes, uplifting and inspiring those around them.

Everything about them is larger than life.

This is the time to rediscover and unleash the passionate fire that we have within. We may feel we have a burning passion for self-expression.

Just as the Sun, we each have an eternal flame of light burning inside of us. We can let that flame burn even brighter now. We now have a powerful opportunity to generate and create more love, joy, passion, openheartedness as well as a love for life.

It’s time to take PRIDE in yourself, you may find yourself wanting to improve the way you look, add more glamor to your life, get more creative and be more sociable.

We can expand our hearts and joy and reconnect to our inner playful, creative child and shine.

It’s time to to get passionate about things that really matter to you. To do the things you love and that make you feel alive.

“I think that we are like stars. Something happens to burst us open, but when we burst open and think we are dying; we’re actually turning into a supernova. And then when we look at ourselves again, we see that we’re suddenly more beautiful than we ever were before!”
― C. JoyBell C.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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