Jupiter in Scorpio, 10th October to November 2018. Sweet Mystery of Life.

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Sweet Mystery of Life.

Jupiter in Scorpio from the 10th October 2017 to Nov 2018.

The expansive, optimistic planet of fortune Jupiter, changes signs from Libra into Scorpio for the length of one year,  whose mission is to bring us greater depth, fulfillment, enrichment, purpose and meaning in life.

Scorpio is the most mysterious and perhaps powerful sign of the zodiac. We are about to take a journey into the power path, the path of the Mystic and the Shaman, as we delve into the deeper mysteries of life.

Humanity is a dance between two halves of reality: the seen and unseen. The magical, mystery of life can’t be explained by logical thought and science alone. Sometimes, we must know nothing, so that everything can be known. Jupiter brings expansion of our mind, heart and intuition so that we can come closer to our own truth and meaning of the mysteries of life. Leading to a richer, deeper feeling of fulfillment and purpose within and without.

“There is a desire deep within the soul which drives man from the seen to the unseen, to philosophy and to the divine.” ― Kahlil Gibran.

Jupiter in Scorpio will help us to replenish our energy on a deep down level of mind, body and spirit. Scorpio rules energy, evolution and the very life force of creation.  We know everything is energy, which is mostly unseen not visible to the naked eye.

“It’s not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship”.- Proverb.

The increased creative energy, will help expand our powers of attraction through an increased magnetic power of thought and visualisation. Jupiter helps you to dream big, and Scorpio the sign of great charisma and magnetism helps you to attract and manifest your dreams into reality.

Scorpio is the sign of passion and Jupiter will expand and rekindle our passion for life and love. Passion is the fuel of the soul and the source of our sense of meaning, purpose, and happiness. There will be a greater desire to follow your passion.

It’s time to to get passionate about things that really matter to you. To do the things you love and that make you feel alive.

“As if you were on fire from within.The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
― Pablo Neruda

On the material level, Scorpio rules wealth and finance. Our chances of obtaining and expanding our financial potential are a real possibility in Jupiter’s year-long stay in Scorpio.

All of our experiences will become richer, deeper and fulfilled. Jupiter will instill in us a desire for truth, intimacy, and authenticity. Happiness will find a new meaning, one that is not based on shallow experiences that always stay on the surface. All of our relationships will benefit from a desire for deeper and more meaningful experiences. Staying in the safe, shallow end will no longer feel so satisfying, as Scorpios depths, a water sign, are deep and boundless. Our fears of true intimacy will melt away, as the desire to merge into the other and life’s experiences, becomes greater than our fear.

People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves

Family, is high on Scorpios list of importance, and there will be a desire to deepen our bonds to our family and friends. We will find it easier now to make long and lasting commitment in our relationships, and for many, a desire to start a family will be strong.

Jupiter in Libra helped us to understand the workings of love and self-love. But now we will be taking love to a deeper level of understanding and fulfillment.

Our relationships will be taken higher to the next level, by going deeper.

The wheel of karma is turning now, opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change, surprising opportunities, and meetings in all areas of life. The Universe will be supporting you throughout the next year, by instigating chance meetings, new loves and Synchronicities that have the potential to change the course of your life.

Jupiter is the planet of faith, and Scorpio has a great fear of what he cannot control and therefore has a problem with trust. Jupiter in Scorpio will bestow us with the courage and faith to trust. To trust in the seen and unseen in relationships, life and the mysteries of life. To loosen our grip on our need to know and control, that blocks our path to true intimacy and trust.

“A man of courage is also full of faith.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero

Scorpio rules evolution and transformation, the very essence and meaning of life, Everything is made up of energy, of movement. Nothing is static in this world, not even the universe. Everything is in a state of perpetual motion and expansion. We will effortlessly be able to flow with the magic of transformation in our lives instead of resisting change. Jupiter bestows us with the necessary joy and optimism, to let the experience unfold as we intuitively understand, that just like the caterpillar, we too are emerging to become the butterfly. We will trust the experience of change.

We will come to understand and unlock the power of our subconscious mind, as Scorpio rules all that is hidden, within and without. Psychology, the esoteric and other tools that help you gain more self-knowledge, will unlock enormous internal resources, strength, and power. By integrating our subconscious (shadow) side with the conscious, we become whole and empowered as Jupiter shines light onto any self-sabotaging and self-defeating pattern. We can reclaim our power and harness the power and force within.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

Jupiter in Scorpio can help you to step into your power and into a place of self-mastery. To be who you truly are, deep down on a soul level and to unlock your inner wisdom.

Scorpio is also the Shaman and alchemist, who can turn everything into love. For ultimately he knows that the strongest force in the universe is the power of love.

Jupiter in Scorpio will bestow us with a strong inner knowing and intuition; we can tap into almost psychic capabilities.
You have the power to be your own healer, shaman, and psychologist. We can expand our knowledge especially in Scorpio ruled subjects that will ultimately become a tool to greater self-awareness and knowledge such as psychology, philosophy, astrology, spirituality, reincarnation, and hypnotherapy, which are all the realms of Scorpio.

The inner Shaman will be activated in us all, the part of you that connects directly to the true source of the universe. Who teaches us how to stop living from the ego, and start loving your true, authentic self. Who, intuitively knows where our mind, body and spirit needs healing and which path to take, that will take us to the next evolutionary level of our development. Helping us to reclaim our lost power to heal, see the truth, and fulfill our purpose in life.

Within you is a greater, wiser self that knows no fears, worries, but is infinite and boundless.

We have the chance to take our power and our inner and emotional strength, to an even higher level than before. We will find it easier now to let go of past hurts, fears, and resentments that have been holding us back from living our true potential.
To have faith and trust in our abilities to deal with whatever might come our way, including any changes needed to be made.

To bravely and optimistically travel our life’s journey onwards and upwards to better places and to reach new heights of our true potential.

We can find long-lasting inner peace, by letting go and trusting in the transformative process of life that Scorpio teaches, and so find the way to enlightenment and inner peace and to awaken to a new yearning, for not just physical and materialistic nourishment, but spiritual as well.

Jupiter’s year-long mission is to bestow us with the gift of finding light, love and meaning in all things, even in times of darkness. We will find within ourselves an invincible summer…

“My dear,

In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.

In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.

I realized, through it all, that…

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

Truly yours”
– Albert Camus

Photo from Nahko Bear Medicine for the People ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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  1. Shilpi says:

    I believe in astrology n im a true scorpion and after reading this i got so happy from inside don’t know why bt i am . Thanku fr sharing


    1. Thank you! Glad to hear it ❤️


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