Romance is in the air! 15th to the 20th September.


Romance is in the air!

15th to the 20th September.

It looks like it’s going to be a fun weekend, as Venus in Leo meets up with the North Node of fate, which happens just once a year. This year in the sign of Leo and the first time in 19 years to join up with the North Node in the fire sign of Leo where she shines especially bright.

Leo is fun loving and big-hearted, with a taste for the good life. And as the Moon enters Leo on Saturday the 16th September until Monday, the good vibes will be ramped up even more.

Venus conjunct the North Node, can mean fated meetings in love, or just special people coming your way, often these people can in some way, be beneficial to you, helping you towards your life path and destiny (North Node) so expect to experience certain Synchronicities .

Adding to this powerful aspect is the planet of good luck, Jupiter, in the relationship sign of Libra . Jupiter makes a wonderful (sextile) aspect to Venus and the North Node, so if you are looking for love everything’s possible right now. Its also a romantic and fun time for relationships and with family and friends.

Jupiter is especially powerful now before he changes signs into Scorpio in October after one year. His mission in Libra that he wants to get finished? Love, harmony, peace and Justice. I personally have seen more people than ever before commit to relationships, get married or engaged this past year,for others Jupiter in Libra has meant finding real self-love.
Since Venus also rules creativity and finance, any endeavors in this area are also crowned with success.

Uranus and Saturn form a grand fire trine with the North Node, Venus and Jupiter, so it’s bound to be exciting, yet with the promise of all things that begin now, will be built on a solid foundation for future success (Saturn).
Indeed all things are possible until the 20th September when Venus passes over the sensitive and karmic degree of August’s solar eclipse in Leo at 28 degrees, before changing into the sign of Virgo, where she will be somewhat more reserved.

Venus on the Solar eclipse degree , strengthens the karmic and fated themes in love as well as any themes that arose at, or around the time of the Solar eclipse, especially in relationships, bringing events either to a head or a new beginning.

After this week’s somewhat more sober influence of Saturn square the Sun in Virgo, it’s now time to enjoy life on a more light-hearted level as the Sun moves away from Saturn and on to new adventures, there is no more time for self doubt. Perhaps just one word of caution, however, is the tendency to over “do” everything or over spend, as the expansive Jupiter will be coaxing Venus to perhaps enjoy a little too much of the good life.
Since this weekend is completely dominated by all things Leo, who is optimistic fun- loving and who loves to shine,with a certain touch for glamour and passion, its a wonderful time to socialise if you can, or to use the energy for great creative potential.

This weekend could certainly awake your desire for more romance and passion with a touch of drama in real life as well in films, novels or expressing yourself through creativity

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”-George Bernard Shaw

Photo: Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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