Mars square Uranus 12th to 20th July. Awareness is a Superpower!


Mars square Uranus 12th to 20th July.

Awareness is a Superpower!

As the Warrior Mars in Cancer, separates from his opposition to Pluto, after facing his many deep seated fears by looking at them squarely in the eye and self defeating patterns of behaviour, he takes with him a feeling of empowerment as he now meets up with Uranus the great awakener and bringer of change.

We now have the courage to make the necessary changes needed, that for many became overwhelmingly evident on or around the Full Moon on July the 9th.

Mars also meets up with Chiron the healer, in a positive trine as well as Uranus, giving enormous healing potential to changes being made in our lives from within and without.

As a door now opens up to exciting and surprise changes, be prepared for new possibilities and offers to come knocking at your door.
Especially from the 12th to the 15th July as we have at first one, then two powerful Yods or so called “Finger of God” aspects.

Its important to stay open minded and flexible to the potential of these new ideas and opportunities, as well as being prepared to think out of the box to seek new and innovative solutions in your life to take you to the next level, key is to follow what excites you.

The next few weeks will see a revolutionary push for change culminating at the next two ecplises in August.
Now more than ever, there will be an urge to question who you really want to be, are you living by your code, or are you just following the rigid structures that have been put in place by your parents, culture and society?
And even by your own worn out beliefs and expectations of yourself, or who you think you should be?

Mars in aspect to Uranus in Aries has the ultimate mission of promoting higher self-awareness.

Uranus awakens your need for freedom; and when Mars meets up with Uranus, the freedom you need comes in the form of self-expression and independent direction.

With so much vibrating energy, we need to be able to direct energy toward goals and activities that excite us, without being held back by worries over what others will think of you.
Failing to do so might mean a lot of nervous energy, expressed as erratic behaviours that disrupt (rather than energise) others.

Once you find your passionate interest and give yourself permission to pursue it, there is much potential for brilliance…Even genius. Finally enabling you to take the needed steps to put your new life into action.

When Mars changes signs into Leo on the 20th of July and two days later the Sun enters the sign of Leo, the eclipse window will open up. It will be time to take centre stage as we feel infused with positive energy and self confidence, with life moving forward rapidly as the two eclipses in August push us closer to our souls destiny.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” — RumI

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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