Turning everything into love. Moon in Scorpio 13/14th April


Turning everything into love.

Moon in Scorpio 13/14th April

The Moon in Scorpio today makes a positive aspect (sextile) to Scorpio`s ruler Pluto. Together with the Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus, we can suddenly receive flashes of insights and breakthroughs into deeper workings into our subconscious mind about where we are holding ourselves back and self sabotaging.
These realisations offer a real chance to feel more empowered and emotionally resilient.

The unexpected can happen, taking us by surprise in both positive and negative ways, and truths can suddenly be revealed. With Pluto engaging in the T- square with Uranus and Jupiter the pressure is on and it’s best not to engage in power struggles.
That way you will come out on top of every situation by coming from a place of peace and compromise (Jupiter in libra) and improving a situation for the better, while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

We can have more love and more understanding as the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is the alchemist who turns everything into love.

Especially true tomorrow as the Moon in Scorpio trines Venus and Chiron, helping us to gain more insight, healing and understanding in matters of the heart, gaining deeper wisdom as Saturn in Sagittarius trines the Sun and Uranus.

Venus also rules finance and creative matters helping us to achieve breakthroughs in these areas as well as love, as Venus is getting ready to turn direct on the 15th April.


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  1. cobgoddess says:

    I Love this post . I treasure all your posts.Thank You


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