Digging for victory


Digging for victory

From the 11th to the 16th of June, we have Mars digging for gold, unleashing a new lust for life.

Mars in Scorpio is in focus at the top (apex) of a Yod or as some call it, a finger of God.

A Yod looks similar to a pyramid. With one planet at the top which is the point of release, that is at the midpoint of the two planets at the base who are in sextile to one another.
In this case, we have the revolutionary Uranus conjunct Eris and the Sun(identity) conjunct Venus the planet of love, self-worth, creativity and finance.
These planets are channelling their energy through Mars, at the top pushing for release, like a rumbling volcano about to erupt.
This can feel like destiny calling and can be a huge catalyst for major changes within and without.
A Yod represents a special task or mission in life that we feel compelled to undertake . It is a karmic readjustment

The Yod is a powerful circuit that puts intense pressure on the planet at the top in this case Mars, demanding release like an arrow shot from a bow.
We can feel as if we are driven by forces that seem beyond our control. Suddenly becoming aware of our great reservoirs of talent that are just within reach. Awakening the feeling of our special purpose in life, our passions, desires and lust for life.
The yod is driving us to discover our deeply buried desires and passion. The very fuel of our soul.

We will feel compelled to almost throw ourselves headfirst into anything that awakens our passions and desires. Like an irresistible pull from a potent magnet.

We are still feeling the squeeze from the Mutable Grand Cross that is demanding change. Mars is doing the work of digging up any buried blockages within our psyche so that we can make the changes needed so that nothing is standing in our way.

He is digging deep, discovering our long-buried passions and desires, that maybe buried under layers of fear, apathy and self-delusion
He is on a god-like mission to ignite the passion of our souls once again. 

Peeling back the layers to reveal your truest self.
He is now striking gold. He has found the treasure trove.
With Uranus conjunct Eris this can feel like a revolutionary awakening, igniting a real lust for life, with a real need for authenticity. There can be an impulsive feeling of wanting to make up for lost time and needing to take action now.

Relationships will be infused with heightened passion and purpose.
Singles could find themselves getting involved in a romance suddenly and unexpectedly as Uranus wants excitement, Venus in light, flirty Gemini wants romance and Mars in Scorpio passion.

There is a real drive to make any necessary changes needed so we can achieve our hearts desire.
Although Mars is still in retrograde, we can feel a huge surge of energy all the same. Like a motor being finely tuned, beginning to rev up, gathering momentum at the next full moon on the 20th June. Getting ready for the formula one race on 29th June, when Mars turns direct. There can be an enormous creative surge, as well as having important insights as to how we can improve our financial situation.

This can be a lot of raw emotional energy to handle, especially because of the opposition of Mars to Mercury, causing some dramas and conflicts. The tension will ease on the 12th of June when Mercury moves into Gemini.
Helping us to feel mentally more agile with an ability to see things more objectively without digging our heels in and getting lost in translation, as Mercury slowly moves away from her opposition to Mars.

Giving us the ability to feel the feeling, but not become it. Acknowledging what needs to be changed and then releasing the anger and deep seated frustrations of Mars in Scorpio that has been excavated to the surface. 

Our intuition level will be high and our dreams can be very potent with hidden messages from our psyche as Neptune retrogrades on the 13th June. Helping us to guide and navigate us towards the life we desire and our higher purpose.

“I am the master of my own destiny, so I choose greatness and nothing less.”
― Chiara Gizzi


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  1. lisasands says:

    I’m in. For all my dreams. Let’s do it. Now.

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    1. I’m in too! 😉


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