Awaken your inner Shaman. Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 8/9th.

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We are being ushered into a new era of existence.

Eclipses can uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, very rapidly. Eclipses want us to change, and change we do!

This total solar eclipse at 18:56 Pisces 01:59 UTC on March 9, 2016, and new moon is conjunct Chiron, the Shaman and wounded healer. Chiron is also conjunct the south nodes of fate and exactly opposite Jupiter in Virgo, the planet of expansion, joy and optimism.

The eclipse falls exactly on the Chiron-Jupiter opposition, activating the inner Shaman in us all, the part of you that connects directly to the true source of the universe. Who teaches us how to stop living from the ego, and start loving your true, authentic self. Who, intuitively knows where our mind, body and spirit needs healing and which path to take, that will take us to the next evolutionary level of our development. Helping us to reclaim our lost power to heal, see the truth, and fulfill our purpose in life.

Within you is a greater, wiser self that knows no fears, worries, but is infinite and boundless.

An eclipse opens a portal, releasing waves of energy that is available to us all, giving us a rare opportunity to get in touch with and listen to the inner voice of our intuition, our inner knowing and wisdom, our inner compass.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is in her own sign and invites us to let its energy wash over us helping us to gain insights and heightened awareness, enabling a huge shift in consciousness.

This is heart opening energy.

“What happens when people open their hearts?”
“They get better.”
― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Neptune’s energies flow like water, fog or an ethereal cloud. The nature of this astrological influence is mystical, spiritual, magical, sensitive, idealistic, compassionate, visionary, psychic, imaginative, creative, ethereal, dreamlike, clouded and elusive. Neptune awakens the part of us that yearns for our spiritual home. We all have that inner connection to Spirit within us. When something happens in our life to open our hearts and fill us with love and compassion for others, as well as ourselves, we are dipping into the waters of Neptune at the highest level.

Watch out for synchronicities happening, we could meet people who have the potential to change our lives, with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius people may come into our lives who open up new doors, new ways of thinking, learning, philosophies, spiritual teachings and new loves.

Its a great time to take a trip to a different place or country or to take up new avenues of learning, both of which could eventually open up new pathways for us and new relationships.

We will be feeling lighter, optimistic, the feeling of peace and tranquility is real, just let go of the drama. We can see a brighter bigger new horizon.

It’s a time of surrender of going with the Neptune flow, while taking the path of least resistance.

The moment you learn to surrender and let go, is the second you start to feel more in tune with who you are.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne.


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