Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 5th of May 2023. The Power of Creation.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 14 degrees, 5th of May 2023. The Power of Creation.

This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, is deep, magical and holds the key to open the door to unlimited possibilities and a life of greater abundance and peace that was presented to us at the Solar Eclipse in Aries just two weeks before.

We are at a pivotal time personally and collectively, with some of the most outstanding astrological alignments happening this month in May.

This is the last eclipse/south node in Scorpio until 2040. We are closing a major chapter that began in Jan 2022 when the North and South node of fate changed signs into Taurus/Scorpio. 

The month of May sees a whole new shift, chapter and boundless opportunities as the Universe gifts us with some of the most spectacular astrology in the sign of Taurus, our guiding North Star that we have been working towards since Jan 2022.

A time of greater abundance, peace and stability begins with Jupiters ingress into the sign of Taurus on the 16th of May, but the fantastic crowning will take place when Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts the north node of fate at 3 degrees on the 31st of May.

Jupiter conjunct the north node of fate is one of the best possible aspects of good luck and fortune, that  hasn’t happened since June 2016 in Virgo, but it’s the first time in Taurus since May 1929.

Everything you have been so patiently working towards is about to manifest.

As the gold within the North Node in Taurus is within our reach , it’s time to celebrate how far we have come as we’ve been learning and integrating the lessons of the South node in Scorpio, since Jan 2022.

Collectively and personally we have been moving away from the pain and drama represented by the South Node in Scorpio, releasing past hurts, fear, loss and abandonment issues. Refusing to entertain the old pain and stepping out of never ending karmic and emotional patterns. We have been releasing and healing karmic contracts and emotional trauma including trauma handed down from generation to generation.

At this Lunar eclipse we can become acutely aware of how we have become so much more empowered, one of Scorpios most important lessons.

By embracing the truth about ourselves and others. Helping us to leave the comfort zone of self-delusion. Dis-empowering our fears and buried anger by facing them.Teaching us to be authentic, to take off the mask and to stand in our truth. As well as releasing all that is not love.

We have all mastered these lessons better than ever before, helping us to own our power which ultimately rewards us with the gift of inner as well as emotional strength, resulting in true freedom that starts within.

We are rising like the (Scorpio) Phoenix after being fully transformed and therefore able to embrace greater peace, joy and abundance, the very magic within the North node in Taurus.

There is perhaps however, one last layer of truth that the eclipse and Mercury retrograde in Taurus needs to bring to light , so that we can better make a quantum leap forward as we claim our gifts within the North node that reaches a peak on the 31st pf May when Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts the North node.

The Sun in Taurus, the sign of our values systems and worth, will be shining a light on how we emotionally (Scorpio ) invest our energy and how this matches up with our own values and self worth. Whether or not our deepest emotional needs are really being met.This can be in love, friendships or work. Is our heart’s desire really being fulfilled?

Venus in Gemini, is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Aries, but also in a challenging aspect to Neptune, helping us to embrace exciting opportunities but we also need to look at whether we are building and manifesting our dreams on Taurus solid ground, without disillusion in love and in our work/life, so that we can better procure financial security and put down solid, fertile roots from which abundance can grow on a long term basis.

Love can feel exciting, karmic lovers can enter our lives and we can upgrade all of our relationships to the next higher level. Releasing and healing relationships, addictions and delusions will be easier to do now, that are no longer serving our highest purpose and good. Enabling us to live from our true authentic self, that Scorpio teaches from a deep soul level. Trusting and moving away from fear. Deep healing will be available to us.

“All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.”— Leo Tolstoy

The Sun in Taurus illuminates the Full Moon in Scorpio in opposition, during the Lunar Eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow onto the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow blocks the light to the Moon, something similar takes place best likened to a restart to our computer. A reboot, a reprogramming takes place.

Its time to be true to our hearts and to let go of all that has been blocking our path to true joy and love.

We are releasing all that no longer serves our highest good, as one door closes and another one opens during the Eclipse window, beginning with the Solar Eclipse in Aries and ends with this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. 

Whatever you might need to release during this phase, trust the process, as eclipses remove what is no longer serving your higher soul’s plan. It is a course correction, aligning you to your soul’s true path.

“My soul is my guide”- Rumi

On the material level, Taurus/Scorpio rules wealth and finance. Our chances of obtaining and expanding our financial potential are a real possibility.

Jupiter and Venus enhances the chance of bringing fortune and good luck our way at the right time in the right place. Prosperity is easier to achieve as risks that you have taken in the past can pay off now.

Jupiter in the fire sign of Aries is amplifying Scorpios passionate nature, rekindling our passion for life and love. Passion is the fuel of the soul and the source of our sense of meaning, purpose, and happiness. There will be a greater desire to follow your passion.

It’s time to find your passion, as well as pouring passion into everything you do.

Material, spiritual, creative abundance or taking steps to procure it is available to us, especially if we are aware of what we have to give.

Between now and the coming weeks when Jupiter enters Taurus, the new moon in Taurus on the 19th of May and Jupiter conjunct the north node on the 31st of May, nearly every area of our life, from love to finance and creativity is being blessed with good luck and the promise of abundance.

Mercury retrograde conjunct the North node and Uranus conjunct the Sun, means we can have brilliant insights and clarity of mind; that help you to KNOW simply which path and move to make. The final solution however may be presented when Mercury in Taurus turns direct on the 15th of May.

Until then, we could meet people and friends from the past, helping us in some way, to materialize our potential future, by offering us opportunities and helpful insights. Especially in all matters of Taurus, which governs finances, enterprises, property as well as creativity.

The Scorpio Full Moon will help us to step into our power and embrace our new beginnings. We can access greater emotional strength, resilience and determination. Empowering us to take control over our lives and destiny.

We can feel a major shift as Pluto in Aquarius the ruler of the Moon turns retrograde and the weight of release, as we leave any unnecessary karmic baggage behind us.

Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.

Taurus is an earth sign and can instill us with a sense of grounding. It’s time to restore an inner sense of balance and harmony. Reconnect with inner peace and serenity and a renewed sense of purpose.

Let the Love and Peace that dwells within take center stage.

One’s state of inner peace affects personal health and well-being as well as the world outside. To counteract the tendencies that sabotage our health, we need to find ways to clear our minds and restore our spirit.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”.-Buddha

Taurus in the highest form can show us how to achieve a feeling of inner security and grounding by learning to appreciate what we have and to be satisfied with “enough. To be in the present and find happiness in the simple things of life as opposed to the addictive high of drama that Scorpio often loses himself in. And to embrace the joy of simplicity in our lives.

We can have more love and more understanding as Scorpio, is the alchemist who turns everything into love.

All of our experiences have the potential to become richer, deeper and fulfilled. Scorpio instills in us a desire for truth, intimacy, and authenticity. Happiness will find a new meaning, one that is not based on shallow experiences that always stay on the surface.

All of our relationships will benefit from a desire for deeper and more meaningful experiences. Staying in the safe, shallow end will no longer feel so satisfying, as Scorpios depths, a water sign, are deep and boundless. Our fears of true intimacy will melt away, as the desire to merge into the other and life’s experiences, becomes greater than our fear.

People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves

We have the chance to take our power and our inner and emotional strength, to an even higher level than before. We will find it easier now to heal and let go of past hurts, fears, and resentments that have been holding us back from living our true potential.

You have the power to be your own healer, shaman, and psychologist. We can expand our knowledge especially in Scorpio ruled subjects that will ultimately become a tool to greater self-awareness and knowledge such as psychology, philosophy, astrology, spirituality, reincarnation, and hypnotherapy, which are all the realms of Scorpio.

We have been on a journey of transformation, finding our faith, expanding soul growth, inner strength, wisdom and resilience.

The Scorpio South Node and Eclipses lessons have taken us on a journey into the Scorpio/Pluto underworld who is the most deeply emotional and powerful sign of the zodiac. Scorpio/Pluto is represented by the Snake or Scorpion at the lowest level of evolution. He can evolve to become the healer and the mystic, with the potential to become and soar like an Eagle in complete awareness, and free of the traps and chains of his subconscious mind and inner destructive patterns.

Standing completely in his power at the third stage and the highest level, he can evolve to become the Phoenix, who has fully burnt away, toxic and destructive patterns of behavior. He has had the strength to endure all manner of hardships, face his darkest fears and demons, transmuting them into strength of character, authenticity and integrity. Rising like the Phoenix after being fully transformed and becoming fully empowered and enlightened.

We can find long-lasting inner peace, by letting go and trusting in the transformative process of life that Scorpio/Pluto teaches, and so find the way to enlightenment and inner peace, to awaken to a new yearning, for not just physical and materialistic nourishment, but spiritual as well.

The South node in Scorpios mission has bestowed us with the gift of finding light, love and meaning in all things, even in times of darkness. We will find within ourselves an invincible summer…

“My dear,

In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.

In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.

I realized, through it all, that…

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

Truly yours”

– Albert Camus

Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne 

Photo by Empower-Astrology.com

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