Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, 19/20th of April 2023. Reach for the sky!

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, at 29 degrees, 19/20th of April 2023. Reach for the sky!

This is one of the most positive and exciting Solar Eclipses we’ve experienced since years. In the fire sign of Aries, the courageous warrior, its dynamic and pioneering. Jupiter in Aries conjunct the Eclipse makes this an extra special and rare event, expanding our hope, joy and opportunities for breakthroughs, success and good fortune. 

Not only is this the first Solar Eclipse in Aries since 2006, but also the first Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Jupiter since March 1987.

Eclipses are doorways, quantum choice points. It contains the tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives and are the most powerful transits that you can experience. They herald major beginnings and endings, burning and purifying.

At the last degree of 29, as well as an Eclipse, we are ending major chapters in our lives and are about to take quantum leaps into a new way of living and being.

This Eclipse is helping to put into motion and manifest, the defining new shifts and era that began in March, first with Saturn and Pluto changing signs and the New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees. The first of two rare new Moons in Aries within four weeks.

This Solar eclipse brings us all the courage, initiative and good luck we need to step through the open door that the eclipse presents us with, into a life filled with more abundance and joy as we feel the magnetic pull towards the North Node of fate that is always close to an eclipse. 

The Solar Eclipse close to the North Node of fate in Taurus is indeed a quantum leap towards finding more harmony, abundance, joy and peace in our lives as we move away from the struggle and drama of the South Node in Scorpio. 

Try to consciously let go of resistance and stay open to the gifts of Jupiter at this Eclipse that bring the possibility of unlimited growth, opportunities, optimism, more inner peace, romance and boundless love.

“I felt lit up, as if someone had reached into my heart and flipped an inner switch, turning me on, brighter.”–Aspen Matis.

Eclipses come in pairs and between now and the second Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 5th of May, you may be presented with new possibilities, choices and opportunities that can be life changing.

A possible decision that needs to be made signified by Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus that turns retrograde one day after the eclipse, will become clearer at the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of May as the story is still unfolding until then, when we will be able to see the bigger picture and in particular gain more emotional clarity.

Uranus conjunct Mercury in Taurus, can mean we have sudden profound realizations and is an exciting wild card that has the potential to stop you in your tracks and take you by surprise. This energy is unpredictable and we can have a sudden, inexplicable urge to break out and do something adventurous, daring and different.

Expect the unexpected from yourself and others.

There is an urge to break through any restraints from within or without that have been holding us back from freedom. Now is the time for change. A whole new reinvention point.

Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience, as one door opens and another one closes.

What ever happens, trust the process. Its destiny, aligning us to our true souls path and purpose.

As the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon, our intuition (the Moon) – wordless and irrational – overpowers your creative center and power (the Sun). The result is like a short-circuit of your internal wiring. The fundamental laws of the universe no longer apply as the Sun’s light is temporarily darkened. The world is shrouded in an apprehensive silence that you can almost hear.

At the Solar Eclipse, something is trying to get your attention, this is the time when magic can happen.

Listen carefully to your intuition, there’s something urging you to do something completely different in your life, completely change your perceptions and even reinvent yourself anew.

Outdated and limiting ways of thinking and belief system`s can suddenly be “burnt” out of existence by the Sun. Replacing our limiting ways of thinking with new expansive visions, breaking the chains of our old way of being, that no longer align with the new emerging person you have become.

What do you need to burn away?

Jupiter in Aries in a challenging aspect to Mars in Cancer and Pluto to the North node, makes it impossible to repress our feelings. Be proud of who you are, your deep emotional and passionate nature, shout it from the roof tops and wear your heart on your sleeve without fear.

Pluto in Aquarius at the powerful zero degree until June 2023, is like a simmering power station in the background to our lives. A power that we can tap into and claim to help us overcome any challenges in our life.

Rise up and reclaim your power!

Jupiter in the activist sign of Aries encourages us to bravely fight for our rights and to live a life that allows you to be totally, utterly and unapologetically you.

Its time to loose your fear and take that leap of faith.

Fear is the opposite of faith, but they both require that you believe in something that you have not seen. Which one will you choose? Turning adversity into strength, dreams into reality, fear into faith, it’s time to blaze a trail ahead and shine our light to others, helping them to see their way through the darkness.

Don’t make yourself small.

Not for anyone.

If someone tells you

you’re too much…

too loud, too sensitive,

too fierce, too caring,

too intellectual, too optimistic,

too realistic, too logical, too emotional…

just smile and move on, my friend.

Clearly, they aren’t enough for you.


Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne 

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This Solar Eclipse in Aries starts a new series of eclipses across Aries-Libra between now and March 29, 2025.

New Moon April 2023 Times and Dates

Los Angeles – April 19, 9:12 pm

New York – April 20, 0:12 am

London – April 20, 5:12 am

Delhi – April 20, 9:42 am

Sydney – April 20, 2:12 pm


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