New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees, 21st March 2023. Breaking Through To The Other Side!

New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees, 21st March 2023. Breaking Through To The Other Side!

This is the spark that is igniting your personal revolution! The divine disk drive is writing a new code to the magnetic surface of life. 

The cosmic intelligence is sending an undeniable message to humanity that we are on the precipice of a major new paradigm, as Pluto changes signs for the first time in 15 years into the progressive, revolutionary sign of Aquarius, just two days after the New Moon, where Pluto will stay until 2044. 

The cosmic fanfare begins with this 0 degrees New Moon in the fire sign of Aries, that last took place at the 0 degree in 1985. Taking place just hours after the Spring Equinox, this New Moon will culminate into a big bang of creation and new beginnings, at yet another rare event, a second New Moon in Aries conjoined to Jupiter, that is also a Total Solar eclipse at 29 degrees on the 20th of April. The first eclipse in Aries since 2006.

The fire sign of Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the New Moon now at the supercharged point of 0 degrees, represents a rebirth and bright new beginnings. The 0 degree Point is known to be a supercharged, critical degree in astrology, its a reboot that initiates a new and important cycle.

Two New Moons in the same sign back to back, is indeed a rare event and Jupiter in the same sign expands the energy a 100 fold. Staying close to the Sun in Aries throughout the next four weeks, reaching another peak when Jupiter exactly conjoins with the Sun on the 12th of April.

The presence of Jupiter means that every new intention that we set, every new project that we begin and every leap of faith into a new and better way of living will be crowned with success.

Its a time of potent manifestation, as yet in another marvel of divine synchronicity, the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in Aries on the 12th of April occurs exactly one year after one of the biggest events of 2022 when Jupiter was at the same degree as Neptune in Pisces on the 12th of April 2022. The seeds that we began to plant and the dreams that we began to envisage then, are ripe to come into manifestation.

As if this wasn’t remarkable enough, at this New Moon we also have the highly beneficiary and karmic union of Venus in Taurus conjunct the North Node of fate. Helping us to manifest the North Nodes promise of more abundance, joy, peace and love.

The Venus-North Node conjunction is a fated, karmic combination. Synchronicities will be strong and magical, people that we meet can feel fated and karmic, perhaps opening the door to important new opportunities, as well as potential new loves entering our lives. Events that happen now have the potential to change the course of your life.

With major new beginnings also come major endings during these times, as we leap into new ways of being in our lives. Any ending that may have recently occurred in your life has created the space for something amazing, a brighter better future and the right people to come into your life.

Jupiter in Aries, the Planet of good luck, expansion and joy signals that our hopes and needs are just within our reach. Stay open to whatever opportunities may come your way in the next four weeks and go with it. Go with everything that excites your soul, even throwing caution to the wind. It could be the beginning of something wonderful. There is so much potential for magical, wonderful surprises this month.

This is heart-opening energy.

“Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes.” –  Mington

Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne 

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