Love your inner Freak! Uranus retrograde from the 3rd August to 2 January 2018.


Love your inner Freak!

Uranus retrograde from the 3rd August to 2 January 2018

Uranus stations retrograde on the 3rd August and is therefore super potent right now. We’re feeling the freedom loving and rebellious energies of Uranus particularly strongly now.

Uranus wants us to celebrate our own uniqueness , our individuality. To live out our own special kind of crazy.

Just how much do you love your inner freak?

With the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius just around the corner on the 7th August, we need to live out our individuality and do it our way, without worrying what others may think.

Over the next 5 months until Uranus goes direct again, we will become acutely aware of being true to ourselves and how much we are living out our own special uniqueness as Uranus’s energies become internalised.

Don’t change who you are
Embrace your inner ‘freak’

There’s no harm in it
To stand out from the crowd
And be different from the rest
Instead just be proud

Proud of who you are
And proud of who you’ll be
It’s easier that way
Just look at me

Now stand up tall
And be one of a kind
Set your own trends
And leave the sheep behind

Don’t let anyone put you down
You’re worth more than that
Being different is brilliant
From wherever you’re sat

So love yourself fully
Stay strong and true
Always be yourself
Always be you…

By Crushed Emerald

Vivienne Micallef-Browne


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