Full Moon in Scorpio 10th May. More empowerment, joy, creativity and success. A new 18-month chapter begins.

full moon in scorpio 2

More empowerment, joy, creativity and success. A new 18-month chapter begins.

Full Moon in Scorpio 10th May at 20 degrees, 22.42 UT.

An exceptional astrological event occurs at this Full Moon in Scorpio, as the karmic Nodes of Fate change signs on the same day, heralding in a new 18-month cycle and chapter in our lives.

Life and love are about to feel lighter, more fun, adventurous and sociable as the North Node of Fate changes signs after 18 months from the sign of Virgo to Leo until Nov 2018. Many will have already experienced endings and new beginnings over the past few weeks as one life’s chapter now comes to an end.

Over the next 18 months, We will experience a heightened sense of adventure and optimism in love and life.

The North Node in Leo promises more success, joy, creativity, self-confidence and more popularity and for some even fame. Helping to express our individuality and firing up our ambition and desire to succeed. We will have an extra portion of Lion-hearted courage at our disposal, in order to make the necessary changes, to take our lives and happiness to the next level.

The Scorpio Full Moon will help us to step into our power and embrace our new beginnings. The Full Moon is well aspected from Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio bestowing us with emotional strength, resilience and determination. Empowering us to take control over our lives and destiny.

It’s time to take back your power and to take charge of your life and focus on the direction you want to go and create the life that you love!

Transformation, reclaiming our power and living from our soul’s true desires are at the heart of all things now.

During the past 18 months, as the North Node was in Virgo; we have been feeling more emotionally sensitive, as we have been collectively learning to end our delusions, especially in our relationships, giving up our unhealthy addictions in love and otherwise and awakening to a deeper spirituality, purpose and meaning in life.

We will find that we have outgrown people, habits and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve our highest good. Only then are we able to move forward and expand our true creative potential and happiness. We no longer have time for small, mindedness, drama, untruths, or being defined by other`s expectations and opinions. For some, the past 18 months felt like a period of waiting for things to unfold with little opportunity to take decisive action. In contrast, the new 18-month cycle in the fire sign of Leo is more dynamic, upbeat, self-confident and fun.

Its all about you now, actively co-creating your heart’s desire and the life that is right for you. Self-love and self-care are now a top priority. A complete shift in energy, that we will begin to feel more and more in the coming weeks.

If you have been shy about putting yourself and your talents out there and in the public eye, over the next 18 months you will find yourself daring to do the things that you never thought possible before. The universe will be conspiring to push you gently towards more success and to put you in the limelight, likewise, if you have been waiting for success or a breakthrough. It’s time now to simplify our lives and make our lives less complicated, leaving more room for joy and creativity.

Both Scorpio and Leo are known for their passion. We can now rediscover our passion for life, expand our hearts and joy and reconnect to our inner playful, creative child and shine. The North Node in the sign of Leo is one of the best placements possible, as the collective karmic assignment is to have more fun and bring more creativity into our lives. To think less about the needs of others and put yourself first, as it’s time now, to cultivate a healthy ego. So that we can shine, take center stage through more self-expression of our talents and creativity. By doing so, we can inspire others to do the same and attract more abundance into our lives.

It’s about finding our inspiration and joy, awakening our inner child, where we once knew everything was possible. And teaches us, that to embrace life fully, we need to stay open-hearted.

It’s one of those rare chances and turning points in our lives that can set us upon a new, exciting path. We now need to embrace the unknown, rather than fear it and find the courage to follow our hearts. We can re-define our future and write a brand new script for our lives.

You may find that you need a new goal or challenge in your life, to inspire and expand your talents and creativity, as well as to expand and seeking more fun and joy in love.

The North Node now in the sign of Leo, represents a joyous, re-birthing time and re-set in the areas of joy, creativity, success and self-expression. A wonderful opportunity, as the last time the North Node was in Leo, was 18 years ago in 1999.

Each new 18-month cycle of the nodes brings a new lesson with it to learn and to master; it’s a chance to move up to the next level of our development.

The wheel of karma is turning now, opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change, surprising opportunities and meetings in all areas of life. The universe will be supporting you by instigating chance meetings and Synchronicities that have the potential to change the course of your life.

This Full Moon is a wonderful time for romance, passion, fun and play. Any social activities, as well as love, will be ramped up, by Venus in the fire sign of Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra for most of the month of May, exact on the 19th of May. Further helped along by a positive aspect from Mars in Gemini. Important synchronicities, people, opportunities and new loves can enter our life now and throughout the month of May.

Existing relationships can benefit from a magical, romantic and dynamic energy, upgrading all relationships to the next higher level.

We can tap into the universal and cosmic love that is all around us. By shining our light and love to others, we create and receive even more.
We can rekindle the simmering, slow-burning flame into an inferno of passion and joy for life.

Our power of attraction is at its strongest when we shine. So shine and attract, what your heart desires. Whether it be love, happiness or good luck. We have the power now, to attract hose things into our life.

Mercury conjoined to Uranus, helps us to discover our own unique specialness and dare to express it. The power of self-expression has the effect of helping to attract like-minded people into our lives and gives them the courage to do the same. Something magical happens when we do this and people with common goals and dreams come together. This is when we begin to change our world and the world of others for the better.

It’s time to to get passionate about things that really matter to you. To do the things you love and that make you feel alive.

“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
― Pablo Neruda

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  1. Davito Bintulu says:

    You have no idea how nourishing this is to me. Not just this article, but each and every one of them. Thank you!!!!


    1. Thank you Davito! ❤


  2. irishguy says:

    Beautiful vibration, so timely exactly where I am at. Thank you so much 🙂


    1. Glad to hear that 🙂 ❤


  3. abstractzoon says:

    feeling this xo thank you for articulating it so clearly xo


  4. cobgoddess says:

    Reading your posts always uplifts me.
    I am truly grateful.
    Thank you and many Blessings


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