Lust for life! Mars in Taurus, 9th March to 21st of April.

mars in Tarus

Lust for life!

Moon in Leo, Mars in Taurus 8/9th March.
The Moon moves into Leo on the 8th March and makes for a much more playful, fun and sociable mood as the Moon in Leo will make positive aspects to Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Saturn.
It’s time to let go of worries and consciously enjoy life now.

Strength, power and determination are at our disposal today and tomorrow as the Sun and Mercury conjoined in Pisces at 18 degrees, fires up your vision and imagination and both make a positive (sextile) aspect to Pluto, the power planet of transformation.

There is a somewhat aggressive and unstoppable urgency to pushing through our plans and desires as Mars in Aries is at the critical degree of 29, one day before he moves into the sign of Taurus. We do however need to keep a check on a tendency of being short tempered and impatient today.

We have the self confidence , power and vision now to take a bold step forward. Don’t wait any longer, the tme is right now to take action in any area that you have been procrastinating about.
With Mercury and the Sun in Pisces being powered by Pluto, our creativity, intuition imagination and Spirituality are stronger than ever.
Our dreams can be intense, wild and inspired at the moment.

Mars in Taurus as from tomorrow, the 9th of March will put an end to the highly intense and somewhat erratic and aggressive energies we have been experiencing the past five weeks. We can all look forward to more sensual, grounded, slower and calmer energies during Mars stay in Venus ruled Taurus from the 9th of March until 21st April.
(And better sleep!)

Mars in Taurus will be great for making financial , creative and productive headway as he makes a positive aspect (trine) to Pluto and no major difficult aspects to the other planets making his stay in Taurus plain sailing, which is a big difference in energies compared to the very intense, erratic, often stressful and bumpy ride of Mars in Aries, as he aggressively faced of with the big cosmic players , Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus since the end of January.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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