Living from your hearts desire. The week from the 16th to 23rd January 2017.


Living from your hearts desire. The week from the 16th to 23rd January 2017.

As Chiron the wounded healer and Mars in Pisces conjoin this week, they make a tense (square) aspect to Saturn, so we may be feeling a little more sensitive and emotional than usual. Mars drives us to fulfil our passions and desires, and in the sign of compassionate and sensitive sign of Pisces, our emotions are in focus now.
Chiron, the wounded healer, makes us aware, sometimes painfully, of the divide between our needs, desires and reality (Saturn). Chiron and Mars, make visible the consequences of our actions and decisions based on our belief systems and our willingness to see the truth as it really is (Saturn in Sagittarius) or not, we may have still been in denial on both a personal and collective level.

There is a  strong desire to live life and envision a future, based on compassion and love as Mars and Chiron are still close to Venus  and Neptune in Pisces. Putting our relationships and our heart felt needs and desires especially under the magnifying glass. Mars and Chiron, are asking us to open our eyes to how well we have integrated the truth and learned the lessons of last year’s, Neptune in Pisces-Saturn square as opposed to staying in denial and delusion.

How does our current belief system that ultimately helps to manifest the life we lead, align with our compassionate nature and emotional needs?
The tense aspect between Saturn and Mars is challenging us to integrate our emotional needs with our belief system.
If we want love and happiness but still keep choosing Narcissistic partners, perhaps we should confront our belief system i.e, only cool, good looking but emotionally unavailable partners are attractive.
Or if we believe in preserving our Earth and wildlife but still have stocks and investments in fossil fuel.
Of we are stuck in a dead end job but believe we are powerless and have no alternative.
In a world where eight people own as much wealth as half of the world’s population, do we still believe this is right and sustainable for our future and the future of our children?
Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our belief system, and Mars and Chiron want us to take action to change our lives, one that aligns with our heart’s desire and deeply felt inner convictions and values.
It is a reality check, that can help us to make a course correction that will ultimately bring us more happiness. Saturn-Mars in conflict can sometimes result in passive-aggressive behavior, so we need to be aware of speaking our truth in a fair, honest and compassionate way.

Mars in Pisces asks us to dissolve the ego based on selfish desires and to surrender to a higher love that is bigger than us and to dissolve the illusion of separation.

“As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun”.– Ram Dass

Pluto in positive aspect to Mars and Chiron, is giving us the power, strength and determination to do what’s right based on love, compassion and truth.
Jupiter in Libra in opposition to Uranus is calling for revolutionary change

Currently aligned to five planets Jupiter is pushing us to find and create a better life, one based on fairness peace and harmony on a personal and collective level.

Mercury trine the North Node of fate represents a turning point in our way of thinking, helping us see where the answer lies and to speak our truth. It can be a fated time to make positive decisions that will change your life for the better.

Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our actions, decisions and pain. Saturn teaches us self-mastery and shows us that we are not the victim and that living in fear is no option (Pisces) but that we are powerful co-creators of our lives and future.

Deep healing will be available to us, as Venus meets up with Chiron the wounded healer in the last week of January.
We can change and upgrade our lives for the better now, as all Planets will be direct from the 8th January until the 6th February, opening up a powerful energetic window for positive change, surprising opportunities and meetings in all areas of life. Leading us directly into a powerful eclipse on the 10th February in Leo, where life will move forward at a rapid speed that will help to manifest our desires of self-expression and success.

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