The wonderful lightness of being, unleash your inner joy! Full Moon in Gemini, 13th December.


The wonderful lightness of being, unleash your inner joy!

Full Moon in Gemini, 13th December, 22 degrees.

This full moon in Gemini is powerful and illuminating; it is the last of three consecutive Super Moons and closest to earth.

The bright rays of the Sun in Sagittarius are beaming onto the Moon in opposition and symbolises illumination of something that has been in the shadows or within the dim corners of the subconscious, and it comes into awareness.

This Full Moon in the air sign of Gemini is illuminating the areas in our lives, where we have been leaving too little space, for the Gemini qualities of lightness, joy, play and self-expression.

Full Moons are about restoring balance in our lives. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and commitment is conjoined to the Sun, making clear to us at this full moon, that it is time to take responsibility for the areas in our lives that are out of balance, between either too much or too little play, joy and creative self-expression.

Its time to reclaim our inner joy and lightness of being!
Joy is our natural state, the source of which is our inner child, that we need to reconnect too and keep alive and well  on a regular basis. Any feelings of heaviness and feelings of burden and limitation that we may have, are being illuminated by this Full Moon, so that we can acknowledge it and take action and responsibility for bringing more lightness into our lives. Our source of joy comes at first from within. Regardless of our difficulties, we can still access our inner joy at any time.

Reconnecting with our inner spark of light, freedom, lightness, joy, and exhilarating qualities that are innately a part of us all, helps to reconnect to who we really are and ultimately our higher self and our higher inner wisdom.

Gemini is multi-talented with multiple interests but very often spreads herself to thin, with a tendency to be the “Jack of all trades nut master of none.” The Full Moon in opposition to the inspiring Sun in Sagittarius and Saturn, asks us to master and hone our gifts and talents with perseverance and commitment. We may feel.we are faced with many choices as to just where we decide to focus and concentrate our attention.

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” Sri Ramana Maharshi

Gemini is the Butterfly of the zodiac and this full moon guides you to be sensitive to your personal cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding. An important message carried by the full moon is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness. The Butterflies unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly beckons us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives and emphasizes the ability to move from one state, perspective, lifestyle to another with adaptability.

Life is about evolving and actively creating change, as well as learning how to go with the flow when inevitable change comes our way.

“It’s the ends of the world,” said the caterpillar. “It’s the beginning of the world,” said the butterfly.

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to evolve constantly. Perfection is constant transformation.

The bright colours of the Butterfly are associated with aliveness and brightness. The message of this full moon is to lighten up and add more colour to your life. Perhaps it’s time to express yourself more fully and show your colourful personality.

In Ancient Greece, butterflies represent the psyche or soul, and its attribute of immortality. Gemini is the sign of youthfulness whose source of the fountain of youth is her inner lightness of being and joy. When we embrace our inner joy and lightness, we defy age and our ability to keep our inner spark alive and youthfulness becomes eternal.
The Full Moon is being wonderfully supported by the expansive, optimistic Jupiter in Libra and Mars in the air sign of the progressive and revolutionary sign of Aquarius as well as Uranus. Bringing a feeling and need for change, growth and self-expression of our individuality.

Mercury, the ruler of the full moon, is conjoined to transformative Pluto and in a tense aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, making any constraints or limitation feel unbearable. There is a chance for a radical shift in perception and a need to break out of old ways and patterns of behavior, thinking and limitations. We are no longer willing to play it small. There is a huge urge to expand and grow beyond our limitations within and without, as we evolve and develop to the next level of our journey.

It’s an internal revolution.
We are learning mindfulness and detachment, the necessary tools needed for true personal, spiritual growth, happiness and self-knowledge. Enabling us to consciously make decisions that co-create a better future based on our true desires and our higher path.

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”―
Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Pluto conjoined to Mercury the planet of logical thinking and communication can give us deep insights into the root cause of any feelings of stagnation and frustration, while Pluto will help to transform our way of thinking and perspective on things, to help find new solutions for old problems. Ultimatly helping us to lighten any unnecessary emotional baggage.
The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt and rearrange the pieces

Saturn is asking us to use our inner and outer resources wisely, and Pluto can help us see and eliminate the unnecessary. So much of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time and more tranquility. Ask yourself at every moment, ‘Is this necessary”. We also need to be aware of our inner judgmental voice and inner critic, so that we can relax into less stress and more lightness of being.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We need awareness so that our minds do not become our captor and our jailer. True freedom and joy comes from within through a practice of mindfulness and awareness and so helping us to awaken to a higher consciousness

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Mercury, the ruler of the Full Moon, is about to station retrograde on the 19th December to the 8th of January, during this phase Pluto conjoined to Mercury can help us find and search where our deeper inner meaning lies, as well as uncovering our inner mental and emotional blockages.

Your inner voice and higher self, are speaking to you loud and clear. All we have to do is listen, which will be easier to do than usual, as the retrograde motion slows the active, externalised energy down and turns it inwards.Helping the free flow and downloading of the universe’s wisdom.

Gemini communicates the truth and wisdom of Sagittarius. Saturn urges that we take responsibility for communicating our deep inner truth and integrity; our beliefs can no longer be ignored. We have to be committed to living them and expressing them. And to discern to what we want to be focused and committed too, or to what  we are no longer  prepared to commit. We may suddenly be confronted with the truth of a situation.
With Mercury being so prominent we need to become aware of HOW we communicate our needs and truths and take responsibility for what we say. Most arguments are not caused by WHAT is said but by HOW they are said. We are being reminded of the power of words. Gemini understands the importance of diversity and can help us see the perspective from all sides while speaking our truth.

We can combine mind (Gemini) with heart (Sagittarius) now. Working together in harmony. Solutions that you have been searching for can now become apparent. Making our heart`s true desires known to us, as well as healing anything that might surface from the past that hasn’t been resolved. We are learning to harmonise the perfect balance between our minds and hearts.

Mercury`s positive aspect to Neptune helps us to be inspired and envision a bigger, brighter future without limitations. Utilising and making the most of our gifts and talents. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

To experience joy we must first feel hope. The Sun in Sagittairus is bringing hope, optimisim, expansive vision and the power of visualisation. What we imagine, we can create.

“If we fully realised the power of our thoughts it would make us take every thought captive – it is with our thoughts that we create. We are ‘Creators’ with unlimited power, hindered only by our limited beliefs fostered onto us as children. Our natural state of being is one of unlimited potential… Remember how as a child you felt you had the power to make the sun shine?”.-The Law of Manifestation and Creating our own Realities.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity asks: Do you have space in your life to receive information from your own inner wisdom and to cultivate cosmic consciousness? Do your thoughts inspire feelings of faith, optimism and freedom? Are you overly attached to your version of “truth,” or overly adaptable to others’ ideas and opinions?

We can now free our minds from self-defeating thought patterns; rebooting and updating our mental and emotional bodies; adapting our everyday life to align with our deepest wisdom and highest vision. Prepare to download a new vision for your future and to move ahead with greater freedom and authenticity. Liberate your creative genius.

Photo of Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire

Vivienne Micallef-Browne.

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