Gaining inner wisdom and joy. Mercury in Virgo retrograde 30th Aug to 22nd September


Gaining inner wisdom and joy. Mercury in Virgo retrograde 30th Aug to 22nd September 2016 at 29 degrees.

This Mercury 3 week retrograde period is one of the best ones possible.

Conjunct at first Venus the planet of love and harmony and the fortunate and expansive planet Jupiter for the first two weeks of the retrograde, guiding us with love and wisdom.

Mercury retrograde helps us to turn inward and reflect. Conjunct Jupiter and Venus we are able to access inner wisdom and joy. Mercury governs our rational mind and communication.

There is a real chance of receiving long awaited good news with the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and meetings with people from our past can feel especially fated, bestowed with joy and happiness from Jupiter.As well as a good chance of healing any conflicts or differences.

Jupiter is expanding our consciousness and our hearts.

Helping us to see the bigger picture and think and dream “big”.

Mercury will retrace his steps back to 14 degrees Virgo and will station direct on the 22nd September conjunct the north nodes of fate at 12 degrees.

Mercury will be conversing with the north nodes of fate, so that any doubts we may have through the September eclipse season about where we are heading and our life’s purpose, (the north node ) will become clearer to us by the end of September.

Indeed, with Mars in Sagittarius exactly square the nodes of fate on the day of the retrograde 30th August, we are being pushed to evolve and step up to our life’s purpose and path.

The Mercury retrograde will give us a chance to rethink and revalue the path we are on.

With Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Virgo, we are now able to have a broader view of our situation combined with listening to our intuition giving us an uncanny sense of what the future will bring.

We are being offered a vantage point that allows us to see both where we are headed and where we came from simultaneously.

Watch out for any major insights, opportunities, developments or meetings with significant new people or from the past throughout September, but especially on the 4th September, when the Sun in Virgo meets up in an exact conjunction with the the north node of fate at 12 degrees Virgo.

The day of both the retrograde and Mercury direct are both highlighted by Jupiter.
On the 22nd September when Mercury turns direct the Sun is conjunct Jupiter. Putting the final outcome of the retrograde phase under a very positive, happy and fortunate influence .

And when Mercury comes out of his shadow period on the 6th of October (the degree of the retrograde on the 30th September) both Mercury and the Sun are conjunct Jupiter in Libra.

So we are on a winning streak.

Chiron the wounded healer is in opposition to Jupiter and Mercury, we can gain much healing, insight wisdom and love during the retrograde period, helping to confirm that we are on the right path, as much will be changing fast and rapidly during the September eclipse period.

Chiron the Shaman and wounded healer make deep healing possible during this retrograde phase.

The.earthiness of this sign gives the grounded vision necessary to turn dreams into reality.

Chiron the Shaman and wounded healer is also in Pisces, in an exact opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter is on a mission to find the truth. Healing is to be found in the truth.

We will feel clearer, more positive and self-confident about any major decisions or changes to be made by the end of September, at the latest first week of October when the shadow period ends.

And ultimately we are being guided towards a higher conscious state, higher forms of love and happiness in our lives.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Photo: Brad Pitt in Seven Years in Tibet

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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