“Break on through to the otherside!”




Break on through to the otherside!”-Jim Morrison

Fiery, independent, impatient and determined Mercury in Aries meets up today in a tense aspect (square) to the power planet Pluto . Later meeting up (conjunction) with Uranus the planet of rebellion, sudden shocks and surprises.

This is forcing a real break through to finally take action, by doing things your way, with a healthy amount of egoism.
While Mars in Sagittarius has you aiming high to live out your true desires, wishes and dreams.

Any amount of holding back or risisting, that you may have been doing to keep the harmony will come to an end this week.
The new moon on the 7th April in Aries and Venus entering Aries 5th April will be adding even more reinforcement, for a new start or big changes to make improvements.

With Venus in Pisces conjunct the south node of fate, this could especially be true in our love lives.
But also in any area that we are not feeling valued, loved or no longer has value for us, or is serving our ultimate higher path, to live out our full potential.

This can also be a break through in our own limitating and negative ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour, that have been blocking our path to true happiness and fulfilment. Enabling us to see and open doors that have previously been shut. Taking us to the next level.

Self-love is the driving force here.

We need to watch out for feelings of irritability and being passive-aggressive  in our selves and others.

Staying aware is important,our passions and tempers could be running high with erratic behaviour and power struggles being a possibility.

Rather make your point of view known, speak your truth and push your agenda through in a aware, kind, but determined manner, while setting healthy boundaries.

Any kind of psychical or creative endeavour is a great outlet for this high energy and tension filled aspect.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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