Lie back and relax, good things are coming our way!

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These are quite extraordinary times leading up to the solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th, which will take us through some major transformations on our evolutionary path leading up to the second exact conjunction of the north nodes of fate and Jupiter in Virgo on June 21st.
Jupiter, the planet of luck and optimism contacting the symbolic point of our evolution twice in a year is quite amazing.

We are being offered a vantage point that allows us to see both where we are headed and where we came from simultaneously.

With Jupiter turning direct on May 9th, Neptune and Chiron in the opposite sign of Pisces, it can feel like everything we have been working towards the past three years and the intense times we have been through, instigated by the Uranus-Pluto square causing breakdowns and breakthroughs are slowly unravelling and finally coming to fruition.
We are becoming clear about which path to take, that truly nourishes our mind, body and spirit, leaving our old behaviour patterns behind, that blocked our way for change and development, while some will find that they are releasing people and circumstances to make space for the new.
This is really about finding our true vocation from our souls point of view and finding out where our fulfilment lies in our careers and relationships. It’s important to develop faith in life and in our own unique gifts. Let your intuition guide and navigate  you through the next few weeks.
Yes, we can dare to be optimistic and begin to trust that good things are coming our way. Jupiter in opposition to Chiron is helping to heal any illnesses of body, mind and spirit, helping us to have faith in ourselves, in our gifts, our talents and how we can put them into use, as service to humanity. To know that yes, we are ready to put them into practice now, leaving no more room for self doubt.
We don’t have to be perfect; we just need to take a leap of faith and start taking the first small steps.
The upcoming eclipse is on the Pisces-Virgo Axis, therefore, to help us get clarity and get clues about where our gifts lie, where we are heading and where we are still holding ourselves back, blocking the way ahead, look back to the themes of the Virgo full moon on February 22nd.
The Virgo full moon is helping us get into preparation for the upcoming eclipse and the weeks leading up to the Jupiter Node conjunction on June 21st and the enormous transformational change they are bringing, taking as to the next level on our evolutionary path.
It can seem a bit overwhelming at times with so much Piscean energy flowing through. We, therefore, need more time out for self-love and care to adjust and integrate into this powerful time of transition.
If you can, try to take time out, either in or close to the Pisces- Neptune element of water. It’s here we can best recuperate, where we might get sudden insights and inspiration showing us the way ahead.
So lie back relax, take time out for yourself to meditate on these incredible, powerful healing energies that are at our disposal and try to go with the flow.
More to come in detail in my upcoming article on the solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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