Is your inner God, Goddess being taken for granted ?


The Virgo Full Moon on February 22nd in opposition to the Sun in Pisces is shining a light on our inner God/ Goddess. Highlighting the balance or imbalance between the two signs.

Has she been living out her higher Goddess calling of the Healer, on her search for truth and knowledge , developing and perfecting her skills and expertise which is offered to the world as service? Or has she become the self sacrificing martyr ,who can’t see the forest for the trees while loosing herself in detail ?

The full Moon is a time when you begin to make out the path, and can take an exhilarating step forward. It is both a culmination and a time to act on something you’ve imagined with the themes of the full moon showing you the way.

As well as those with key planets or ascendent in Virgo and Pisces, we all have Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in our horoscope charts and can all relate more or less to the Virgo/Pisces  polarity.

Virgo is the sign of the Great Cosmic Mother, the Goddess Herself. She is a mutable Earth sign sign that is ruled by Freya, the Goddess of Communication, Travel and the Power of the Mind.

Virgo is associated with the myth of Persephone, in which the daughter of the grain goddess Demeter is abducted into the underworld by Hades

Throughout the ancient world virgins were the Priestesses of the Goddess, but not in the Christian meaning of chaste and intact. The Goddess is the Universe, She is everything and all. Their main focus in life not being motherhood but rather the search for truth and knowledge.

The Virgin Priestesses of the ancient world were the keepers of knowledge. They were not celibate but selective and every year participated in the celebration of the Sacred Marriage.

The Virgo archetype is about the birth and evolution of Spirit into physical form. Another archetypal expression of Virgo is the Sacred Prostitute, serving the Divine through the sensual arts.

Virgos are exceedingly clever, sharp, observant, discerning, reserved, analytical and free thinking. They are professionals who seek perfection and wish to create order and harmony from chaos. Virgos are mentally exceedingly agile and broad minded. They’re objective and tolerant .

They are independent and self-reliant with a great sense of judgement. Virgos make excellent healers.

Virgos as an Earth sign are very much at home in their bodies.Their sharp Mercurian minds live in perfect harmony with their earthy sensuality. Virgo lovers are highly sensual, deeply loving and eternally loyal.

She is the seductive Goddess.

Sophia Loren and Yvonne De Carlo (photo above) are both Virgo Sun sign and the archetype of the Virgo Goddess.


The evolutionary goal of Virgo is the development and perfection of skill and expertise which is offered to the world as service. To learn that when you are fully present, the world opens up to you as the miracle it is, you see the God/Goddess in the tiniest details.

Virgo is challenged to develop that which is most perfectible within her, to hone her skills, and to be of service to others. Virgo is very much aligned with purity of intent, humility, honesty, integrity, competence, and meticulousness with a purity about them, born to be of service with a love of helping others simply to do so. Virgo has a very keen, analytical eye on details, flaws, and imperfections. Virgo is also associated with health and the healing arts.

The Sun in Pisces in opposition to the Moon, with Neptune in Pisces accentuating all Pisces themes 100 fold.

The evolutionary intent of Pisces is to recognize that we are all one, and therefore, that lack-of-boundary trait can produce the highest kind of spiritual oneness of which we are capable. Pisces above all others are able to “walk in your shoes” in their imaginations and be the most compassionate of all the signs.

Pisces/Neptune represents the final stage of human evolution teaching us to transcend the illusion of the material world and unify with the divine. They are boundless by nature both spiritual and creative they are often mystics, artists, musicians and writers.

They are Empathetic and highly sensitive. They can walk into a room and pick up on any vibrations or energies. lacking in healthy boundaries they often subconsciously soak in people’s energies, good and bad like a sponge often leaving them feeling emotionally depleted, not knowing if these feelings are their own or someone’s else.

It is essential that they have regular time on their own to detox their psychic and emotional body, otherwise, they can feel depressed, exhausted and overwhelmed. They need to practice having healthy boundaries. Otherwise, they can attract emotional Vampires and Narcissistic personalities.

They have great compassion for all, especially those who are suffering and have an innate love of helping the underdog and the weak and suffering. However, there are many who are quite willing to take advantage of their self-sacrificing qualities, especially easy, as they are often unable to say no.

Therefore she might find herself , taking care of a homeless musician, addict, giving him a place to sleep,  sharing her bed and money, although she has no idea where he spends his other nights. She feels the need to save him. “What will happen to him if I don’t provide for him? He’s so talented , with enough love, he could make something of himself.”

Strengths and weaknesses of Pisces/Neptune.

Positive Qualities of Pisces: Poetic, mystical, intuitive, receptive, graceful, imaginative, compassionate, sensitive and romantic

The shadow side  of Pisces: Prone to addiction, escapist, confused, frequent inferior complexes, unrealistic, self-delusive, submissive, lethargic, self-pitying, lacking boundaries, dependent and codependent

The Virgo- Pisces Axis.. The connection between Mind, Body and Spirit.

Ideally, when harmonized and integrated Virgo and Pisces are polarities and are actually complements, they work together.

The Virgo Pisces Axis when balanced can be mutually beneficial with Pisces in charge of running the show without having to worry about the details and Virgo taking control of the details. Inspiration and imagination grounded in hard practical work and service to others.

Virgo being analytical often can’t see the forest for the trees and Pisces focused on the whole of creation can’t see the trees for the forest. The big picture is often too much for Virgo to handle they need to take things down to the minutest detail where as Pisces can not be bothered with the finer details they are so mesmerized by the whole they do not see the finer details.

Virgo rules the house of Career and on the other side Pisces the house of Spirituality. This axis attempts to strike a balance between order and chaos, control and trust, form and content, the practical and imaginable worlds, realities and dreams, service and devotion.  One based on the service of career the other on the progressions of the mind and soul, both signs are based on service to Humanity and both are very artistic.

Virgo is ruled by the mind, and Pisces is ruled by emotion. Virgos are critical because they want ALL the facts before making up their minds. Pisces is accepting of everything. In extreme expression, Virgo can be hyper-critical and Pisces hyper-gullible.

Virgo copes with life by maintaining organization and keeping a clear mind. Pisces copes with life by escaping. Because they feel so extremely, they often get caught up in their own emotions and tend to stay there for awhile.

Both of these signs want to serve humanity, Virgo  and the sixth house sees service as a vocation and sets out to do it as a job in the more “mundane” venue, such as teaching, religion, and the medical field. Pisces likes to help through more spiritual venues and (theoretically) sees service as a spiritual, sacrificial duty such as metaphysical healing, and are very creative, many are artists and are often found in the caring professions

Virgos can’t say no because they feel they must serve. Pisces feels never-ending compassion but may not know exactly how to help. Virgo helps by doing, Pisces helps by understanding. 

Turning her need for perfection within she can become self critical falling into patterns of doubt and uncertainty.

Both Virgo and Pisces have a tendency to self-sacrifice, easily falling into the role of the martyr. Going so far that it can take on self -destructive forms with both signs.

Being in opposition it can be a bit like a see-saw effect with both signs often exchanging the traits of the other .i.e. Pisces seeming to be too critical and Virgo acting very like Pisces. This is a common occurrence. It’s all about the balance and integration of the two signs.

We need to integrate the opposing forces between practical service and compassionate service .The union of opposing energies and the transformation of those energies through self-knowledge into a new sense of wholeness and Self-consciousness. Virgo is the sign where we work to perfect ourselves, not by being perfect but by coming to understand how we see ourselves, what we value, how we process life, what our emotional body feels like and where our creative impulse lies, discerning what is us and what is not us.

We can fluctuate between being the realist, working for our daily bread (Virgo) and sacrificing for the ideals of others (Pisces).

There are extremes in every polarity. However, sometimes extremes are necessary for us to find the center balance.

Virgos attention to detail is unlike any other sign, often to such an extent as not seeing the forest for the trees, lacking the ability to see the bigger picture. Ruled by Mercury, the sign of intelligence and reason, this planet predisposes Virgo to a high-strung temperament.

When Virgo spends to much time in her mind she loses her connection with her emotions, Soul and  Spirit, leading to  anxiety and  excessive worrying that can have mental and physical effects. Between  the need to let go of knowing every last detail and learn to accept what is, as it is. Until the analytical Virgo learns to see the bigger picture to trust and go with the flow, they will not be able to live a balanced life.

Conversely Pisces can live in a dream world turning a blind eye to details if forced to engage with the real world in practical ways can often find themselves unable to cope. Turning to addiction, escapism and falling into depression

Follow your Heart but take your Brain with you

The lesson to learn  is to strike a balance between the Virgo need for details and freedom of the mind to explore, the integration of mind, body and soul.

Pisces needs to have a basic concept of the facts, to understand that we need to know certain facts to be able to live a balanced life, facing up to reality and to learn to combine inspiration and imagination in an attempt to balance the practical service work, belonging to Virgo and compassionate service, without going to excess ultimately leading to self-sacrifice, playing the victim, blaming others and suffering from exhaustion.

With Mercury and Venus in airy Aquarius  our mental energy is being activated, with innovative ideas, perspectives and possible futures , exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. The Virgo Full Moon helps us discern which of these possible futures are truly nourishing to our bodies and spirits, and helping us to see what is workable in reality.

Virgo Full Moon brings to light any shadow Virgo issues of perfectionism that get in the way of giving our gifts to the world. “I’m not ready yet, I need to take another class/workshop/training, my skills aren’t perfect yet” etc. with fear often being behind these thoughts. The Virgo part of all of us is learning to understand perfection as a process and practice, not an end result, and the best way to perfect our skills is to use them. Start where you are, take the first small step, and then the next step will become clear.

The only limitations you will ever have are the ones you put on yourself.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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