Now’s the time to let yourself be spoilt just a little

sophia grapes

This has been a truly exceptional week for love with Venus the planet of love cosying up close to charismatic and irresistible pluto.

This powerful love combination happens only once a year. A short intense love affair and for some with the energy being too hot to handle while unpredictable Uranus was eagerly waiting in the sidelines to stir up some drama , its good to know that there are some feel good vibes on their way.

Pluto’s intensity has been a little too heavy for flighty venus and she’s slowly on her way looking for other tantalising encounters.

Mars in Scorpio who got all hot and steamy under the collar is about to have a rendezvous with Chiron whose waiting to soothe mars with her healing charms and eternal patience and is quite happy to feed him grapes.

Jupiter the planet of fun, happiness and always on the look out for the best party will be joining the two just in time for valentines day.

So if those plates flew in a hot temper this past week, now’s the time to make up , love and be fed grapes.

Whether you’re single and happy, looking for love or in a relationship, just let those feel good vibes roll over you like warm waves on a sandy beach on Barbados. Just don’t forget to pack the suncream.

Vivienne Micallef-Browne.

9th Feb 2016




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