Passionate and potentially explosive!


Passionate and potentially explosive !
We are going through intense times as mars is currently transiting in Scorpio.
Mars drives our desire to get what we want and Scorpio the sign of passion and extremes won`t stop until he gets his objects of desire.
Feelings and passions are running high at the moment which can give love that extra hot sizzle of drama and erotic.
This is a hard energy to contain however and it is easily explosive in the typical Scorpio way of handling things when he’s having a bad day with plenty of drama, jealousy, anger and general Diva Primadonna temper tantrums.
Stay on top of this energy by consciously taking the reigns in your hands and steer this energy to finally achieve your goals which during the latest mercury retrograde seemed to be stuck fast in cement.
If your finding this energy is making you too hot to handle then use it for your fitness routine, it could work wonders !
Mars in Scorpio can now blast its way through  almost anything or obstacle getting in his way.
It’s now or never !
Vivienne Micallef-Browne.
7th Feb 2016

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